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Measuring the Return on Marketing Investment

Rob Murdoch was a guest on the Event Industry News podcast recently.  He spoke about how Exposure Analytics award-winning technology can help you to calculate the return on marketing investment of events, exhibitions, and experiential marketing. The data provided by our sensors gives accurate footfall information, flow routes around a stand, event or activation, along with heat maps and dwell time. Added together with lead capture, and other performance information, our data allows our clients to assess and evaluate experiential activity. In a wide ranging conversation, he also covered what our database has in common with Gangnam Style, how Exposure Analytics has evolved over the past four years, as well as plans for 2019 including another learning and fine dining event - let us know if you’d like to be added to the guest list. Over the last four years we have grown and evolved and can use our own experience and data to help clients. We have now been involved in measuring the impact of over 2000 events. More and more clients are using our technology at multiple events and year-on-year to compare and contrast performance.  This year we’re looking forward to powering more experiences through insight. If you have any questions please get in touch. To listen to our previous podcast with Event Industry News about measuring the success of your event go to Measuring the Success of your Event

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Experiences that worked in 2018 and planning for 2019

It's been another fascinating and busy year for the experiential marketing industry. Once again we've been delighted to play a key role in helping agencies and brands to evaluate the success of their experiences and events. Making the most of your marketing budget The most recent IPA Bellwether report is a mixed picture; it shows that once again total marketing budgets have grown but at their slowest rate for around 3 years. This means that it's more important than ever to make the most of your budget and to be able to evaluate the impact of all marketing activities.  We can provide digital analytics for physical events to help to make that possible. Having hit the 1000 event milestone earlier this year after four years in business; six months later we've now surpassed 2000. Our sensors have captured data on behalf of clients in the US, Canada, all across Europe, the Far East and recently in Australia too. All of that data and our experience is channelled to provide insight to our clients, helping them to understand the results from their events and activations. This year more than ever we’ve been working with brands and agencies on an ongoing basis, from event to event and year on year. We've helped them to build up a picture of what's working well, what might need changing and capturing the data to enable them to make decisions about where to spend their budget in 2019. Success in 2018 For us, however you evaluate it, 2018 [...]

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Award-winning event technology

We were delighted to win not one but two awards at this year’s Event Tech Awards.  Having been shortlisted in the Best Event Analytics and Data Collection and Best Wireless Technology, we knew we’d got strong entries but didn’t expect to win them both. They round off an amazing few months for us, during our first four years in business we helped clients to analyse the success of 1000 events. In the last six months we’ve worked on almost 1000 more. Our exhibition and event analytics information allows clients to see footfall past their stand or activation, engagement rates - how many people stopped for a closer look, popular routes around a stand or event, and how all of these figures change over the course of an hour, a day, or multiple days. When our Aperture facial detection system is deployed too, we can also give clients a demographic breakdown of who engaged with their activity. We know that event professionals, marketers and agencies who use our event technology find the data and insights valuable to evaluate their work, and invaluable to help them plan for their future events and activities. They gain the best value from being able to compare events year on year or different locations for a similar activation or stand. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Adam Parry and his Event Tech team, the new two day Event Tech Live was fantastic (albeit with slightly sore heads on day two after the award ceremony!). We [...]

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Event Tech Live 2018

This year’s Event Tech Live is nearly here and we can’t wait!  It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the latest developments in event technology and as usual we’ll be there too, showcasing our event analytics technology. We’ll be on Stand 12 near the Expo and Engage Stage. We’ve had a new stand designed this year and we’re looking forward to seeing what a difference it makes. If you’re coming along then please do say hello to our team. You might also like to catch Rob Murdoch on the Brand and Buzz stage. He’s speaking at 12 noon on the Wednesday with Dawn Farrow, CEO of Boom and Robin Carlisle, Chairman of Mobile Promotions.  They’ll be talking about how to measure the success of your event. The event promises to be even bigger and better than previous years as it now takes place over two days. In between are the Event Tech Awards, and we’ve got our fingers crossed as we’ve been shortlisted in two categories. If you can’t make it along, then Rob has talked through measuring the success of your event in this podcast. If you haven’t signed up yet then go to to make sure you can attend.

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Shortlisted for Best Event Analytics and Data Collection

We’re really looking forward to the Event Tech Awards on November 7th, we’re delighted to have been shortlisted for two awards for our event analytics technology as well as being candidates for the People’s Choice award.  It’s amazing to think that when we wrote our entries six months ago we were approaching our 1000th event and have been so busy since then that we are now coming up to our 2000th event. Our award entries for Best Event Analytics and Data Collection and Best Wireless Technology were based on our work with a client who had been looking for a service to help them to evaluate their attendance and spend on shows and exhibitions. They had been looking for a solution like ours but had not been successful until hearing our Commercial Director, Rob Murdoch speak at an event. Our client’s main objectives were to find out exactly how visitors interacted with their stand, how they moved around it, how long they spent there, the demographics of the visitors and how well their staff performed on the stand. At previous shows the information they had was anecdotal and they wanted first hand data they could act on. We deployed 12 sensors and 2 Aperture camera systems in key locations to capture relevant data. During each morning pre-show briefing our data was presented to staff on the stand to highlight successes and areas that needed more attention. Using our heatmap and flow statistics staff could see the hotspots and the movement of visitors [...]

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Let the data decide

There are many things to consider when you are planning experiential marketing activity, and understanding your target audience and where they spend their time is so important. We’re seeing a growing trend in experiential marketing activity that widens out the potential locations for brands to consider when they are planning their sponsorship, activations, and events. Ford made history recently by launching a new car at a gaming show. They made their decision based on data about who attends gaming shows and how that fits with their brand. Long-term they will be able to assess what impact that had on the brand awareness and sales of the car.  Short-term they can look at media coverage and social media reactions. If they had some sort of evaluation tool such as our sensors in place, they would also know the footfall count around their exhibit, the percentage of visitors that stopped to have a closer look, and the average dwell time of those who stopped, and more.  Thus providing them a with a more comprehensive event analytics experience. As we’ve written about before the Goodwood Festival of Speed has seen an increasingly diverse range of brands in attendance - and rightly so. It is no longer enough to expect your audience to come and find you, you need to find them and engage them. But with the increasing choice of events and the growing spend on experiential marketing you need to be sure the money is being spent on the right things in the right [...]

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1000 events and counting…

Exposure Analytics is celebrating a milestone, having completed 1000 events for our clients.  In just four years we’ve helped hundreds of companies to measure the impact of their events, activations and exhibitions. From festivals attracting over 100,000 visitors to product launches, shopping centre activations, and major exhibitions, we provide the data organisers need to determine if their event or activity was a success. Our first event was International Confex in 2014.  The first time you do anything as a new business it’s stressful. Our debut was no different, but we’ve learned a huge amount since then. Now whether we’re supporting clients in San Francisco, Scotland, or Abu Dhabi we know exactly what we need to do, from getting the number of sensors right, to checking the configuration, and analysing the data during and after the event, we’ve got it covered. One thing that has also changed is the pace at which we work, having taken four years to hit the 1000 event milestone, we expect we’ll hit 2000 within another year.  More and more companies, whether they sell on or off line are investing in experiences.  The most recent IPA Bellwether Marketing Report shows the continued investment in brand experiences. We think Patrick Reid has got it spot on with his response to the latest figures: “Patrick Reid – CEO EMEA Imagination: “It’s great to see the trend of continually increased investment in brand experience events maintained for 19 consecutive quarters. The most effective brand experiences are those which are integrated with [...]

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Measuring the success of your event

Rob Murdoch was a guest on the Event Industry News podcast recently. He talked about Our work at over 1000 events with brands and agencies How stand holders can evaluate their performance at events How we measure engagement levels of activations, stands, and events How to decide if you should return to an event or exhibition How do you know if you've got the right stands and layout at your event or exhbition? and more.  It's well worth listening to for any event professionals, marketing mangers, and conference organisers.

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Introducing Exposure Analytics

Forge SP is no more and we are now known as Exposure Analytics.  Many of our clients are already familiar with the name, as it is our flagship service and used around the world by event organisers, experiential agencies and many major brands. Our company has undergone big changes since we first set up four years ago. Then, as Forge SP, we offered a range of services to events and festivals.  Now we are concentrating on what our clients really want - useful, reliable data that can be used to analyse exhibitions, events, activations, and more.  In an increasingly digital world, where marketing managers are able to measure likes, clicks, shares, time spent on websites, email open rates, and so much more, we help bridge the gap at  physical events. Our digital analytics provide footfall data, movement flows around a stand, event, or festival, as well as dwell time and engagement rates for your activity. You’re looking to get people’s attention and capture their interest, we can tell you how well you did. Exposure Analytics perfectly sums up what we do, so we felt it was only right that the company name reflected this. As we head towards our 1000th event, we want to be clear about what we offer and how we can help. Of course, we’ll still be offering the same great service, attention to detail, and the all-important data our clients love.  With the recent roll out of our 4G sensors and adding weather data to our platform we [...]

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