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Log in from anywhere to access real-time insights in our easy-to-understand dashboard. Footfall, engagement, dwell time, heat maps and flow routes are easily accessible on the day and for post-event evaluation. Compare and contrast multiple events at the touch of a button

Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

Real-time insights

Get up-to-the-minute data on the performance of your events so you can make agile changes to optimise your offering there and then.

Easy to understand

Our dashboard presents your event data in way that is easy to interpret even if you’re not a mathematical wizard, helping you get the most out of your data.

Access from anywhere

Our dashboard is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere. It is also mobile-responsive, so you can get data at your fingertips for on-the-go analytics.

Compare multiple events

Running more than one event? Compare their performances to assess what factors ensure success. Whether that is an event in a different location to a previous event, or consecutive events with different audiences.

Export your analytics

Download your data as a PDF of the graphs or a spreadsheet containing the data you need so you can cross reference data from other sources and conduct deeper analysis giving you even more valuable insights.

API available

We offer API access so you can integrate our data into your platform, enabling you to brand it to seamlessly fit into your reporting, allowing you to have a consistent look and feel.

Powering experiences through insight

Measure the success of
your events and experiences
with our simple to install and
easy to use intelligent sensor

Optimise your event or
based on real
time insights, from staffing
levels to prime placement of
your latest products.

Reflect on the insights from
your event and report back
to your wider team with
confidence in the accuracy of
your data



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