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Case Studies

Discover how our solutions have helped our clients measure the success of their events and gather data to help improve their Return on Marketing Investment.

Made in America Festival

At Made in America in Philadelphia, Exposure Analytics deployed sensors across the public areas to measure movement, hotspots and engagement in keys areas. Read the full case study here. Exposure Analytics joined forces with TOURtech at the Budweiser Made in America 2015 Festival in Philadelphia. Exposure Analytics’s easily deployed sensors captured and analysed the movement of festival goers round the site, revealing hot-spots, popular routes, and dwell time in a range of locations. The Challenge A big challenge for festival organisers is getting accurate footfall figures. How do you know for certain how people move around the site? Which food, merchandise and sponsor areas are the most popular, and how long did people spend in a particular area? With sponsorship deals and food and merchandise sales vital to the financial success of an event, footfall information is key to evaluation and planning successful follow-up events. In the past, organisers had to rely on anecdotal reports of busy areas, length of queues, quiet times, and the buzz around a sponsor’s tent. The Solution Exposure Analytics ends that uncertainty. With minimal set up, our technology senses the WiFi beacons from all WiFi-enabled smart devices (generally up to 90% of attendees have one). Our platform captures and analyses the data allowing you to see where that device (and its owner) goes and for how long - producing easy-to-understand, visual reports in real time, with data broken down to as little as five minute [...]

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Evaluating an Immersive Experience | Case Study

Our client, a major household name, was exhibiting at the most important event in their annual calendar. They appointed a prominent experiential agency to design, create and deliver a first-class immersive experience for their consumers.The ChallengeAs companies increase their experiential budgets, the pressure to prove return on investment grows. The enormous amount of time, energy and money that goes into large-scale experiential events such as our client’s stand at a major event warrants detailed evaluation. But how best to measure? Organisers provide footfall figures but how accurate are they? Can you trust your recollections of when a stand was busy and when it was quiet? Do you know which zones generated the most engagement and how people flowed between the different sections of the stand. Historically, our client has used multiple evaluation tools including onsite surveys, post event surveys, press coverage, lead capture information, badge scanning, and social media activity to evaluate events. They are always looking for ways to enhance this and use both qualitative and quantitative information to measure success.The SolutionData captured by Exposure Analytics sensors, which anonymously pick up signals from wifi enabled devices, allowed our client and their experiential agency to get accurate footfall figures. The numbers did vary from the organiser’s official total, but after investigation, it was determined that the sensor data was the accurate figure. Along with overall visitor numbers the beacons also plot flow routes around the stand, capture dwell time in [...]

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Production Bureau | Case Study

Production Bureau supported their client, a leading technology company, with the delivery of a bespoke exhibition stand for the Adobe Summit 2019. Standout features were TV and media screens, displaying content and being used as presentation tools.  Visitors were encouraged to engage with their client's content via a bespoke interactive interface. Production Bureau also installed a coffee bar and barista.The ChallengeProduction Bureau wanted to gather detailed metrics about the movement and engagement of stand visitors to help them understand how their stand was performing. Multiple screens and a coffee bar offered ample opportunity for visitors to stop and engage and Production Bureau wanted to understand if they’d achieved their aim of creating an inviting environment for visitors and staff.The SolutionThree Exposure Analytics sensors were setup on the stand and monitored the delegate numbers, dwell and engagement time. The discreet sensors also captured information about busy areas of the stand and flow routes between the different sections.The DataThe total number of engaged visitors was 3,635, this represents the number of prospects that dwelled for more than 60 seconds at the stand during the three days.  Engaged dwell time of nearly nine minutes was high due to staff chats, photos, demos and the coffee.The flow chart demonstrates the value of coffee to the stand, the density of traffic flow from the coffee stand to the centre reception is very clearly illustrated.This graph shows that there are three peaks on each of the [...]

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Event Tech Live | Case Study

     Event Tech Live, now in its fifth year, is Europe’s only free-to-attend show dedicated to event technology. The ChallengeRunning a successful trade show takes a huge amount of time, effort and budget. During the event, organisers are in-demand and it’s hard to find time to stop and analyse what’s happening across the event space for real-time analysis and post-event evaluation. Importantly, event organisers need to create successful, sustainable events by ensuring maximum income for each square foot of space and by attracting repeat bookings for future events. They also need to be able to provide exhibitors with accurate information so that they can establish effective ROI for their event stands. The SolutionExposure Analytics has worked with the organisers of Event Tech Live for five years, supporting them to develop and grow the event which now attracts more than 2000 attendees and 100 event technology suppliers.  Our award-winning sensors provide accurate footfall counts at regular intervals throughout the event. They show the dwell time in particular areas, heat maps of where people are choosing to spend their time, and also the routes taken around the event.  The data removes the subjectivity of event evaluation, removing the need to rely on anecdotal information of busy times and busy locations. As well as evaluating the most recent event the data is invaluable for planning the next event, working to remove any quiet areas, and ensuring the best possible use of all of the available floor [...]

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Hafele | Case Study

Hafele, a furniture fittings company used Exposure Analytics to assess their attendance at the 2018 Kitchen and Bathroom Show. Like many exhibitors, our client was looking for an independent, objective way to demonstrate the return on investment of attending a major trade show. Exposure Analytics was deployed to capture vital data to show the number of visitors, their movement around the stand, engagement rates, and dwell time. The Challenge Working out the value of attending a large scale exhibition is difficult, but the pressure to calculate return on investment is growing. The Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Show only takes place once every two years, and Hafele had doubled the size of their stand from 2016, so being able to calculate the impact of the event was really important. Our client had previously measured attendance and interest by the amount of promotional literature given away and scanning attendee badges. They also use discounts and voucher activation to determine levels of engagement, but felt that these figures were only part of the picture and it was hard to know how many people had actually seen their stand and engaged with it. For evaluating and planning future events, they relied on gut feel for busy times, managing staff numbers, and assessing popular parts of the stand. The Solution Exposure Analytics provided clear data showing the number of passing visitors, the percentage who engaged with the stand, the average dwell time of those [...]

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Olympia eForce | Case Study

eForce is Olympia London’s commercial IT arm. The prestigious venue hosts large-scale exhibitions, conferences and product launches. The Challenge Exhibiting companies and exhibition organisers are often demanding clients. With tightened marketing budgets, businesses are looking harder than ever to prove return on investment at large exhibitions. Exhibition organisers want to create successful events that attract repeat clients and measurable success. As the IT function for the venue, eForce wanted to support organisers and their customers in getting the best value in exhibiting at Olympia London, and to encourage organisers to make Olympia London their first-choice venue. The Solution Exposure Analytics worked with eForce to create a product to offer to exhibition organisers and exhibiting companies. The ‘eBox’ service took the event analytics information to the next level, by using Exposure Analytics technology to capture visitor flow and dwell information. The Data Anonymous data collected from individual phone Wi-Fi signals reveals the number of visitors and dwell times across the exhibition space, allowing clients to build an accurate picture of engagement with their stands. The Results The data reveals interesting intelligence for events – showing which seminars were well attended, the hot-spots around catering outlets and the dwell times at each stand. For multi-day exhibitions the eForce team are able to compare data for each of the days. In one case the fourth day of an event was clearly more poorly attended than the rest – data to clearly show [...]

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Exposure Analytics at Event Tech Live | Case Study

As an event technology company, Event Tech Live is a key event for Exposure Analytics each year. We’re keen to meet new clients, catch up with our current customers, and find out more about the latest developments in the industry.The ChallengeWe attend Event Tech Live annually; it’s the only trade show we take a stand at. This year we invested in a new stand, and were keen to be able to see what impact it had compared with last year. For the first time in 2018, Event Tech Live ran over two days instead of just one, so we were also curious about whether the new two-day format would make a difference to visitor numbers or interest levels. We wanted to know what the footfall was around our stand, how many people stopped to find out more, how did they feel about our stand, and how does this compare to previous years?The SolutionTo be able to assess how we did at Event Tech Live we put ourselves in the position of one of our clients. We used our own technology including Aperture cameras and also a brand new version of Exposure Analytics. We were able to capture a huge amount of data to help us to understand what had happened at the event and how we had performed. Recent improvements to our platform have meant that it's even easier to compare events from year to year or venue to venue.The [...]

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Shelton Fleming | Case Study

Shelton Fleming works with brands around the world that are seeking to reach a B2B audience. They produce summits, forums, roadshows, exhibition booths, customer centres, product showcases and brand activations along with film and digital content.The ChallengeAgencies want to do their best for their clients, but it is hard to measure the impact of experiential activity. When agencies produce exhibition and event stands they need to be able to assess their work and good agencies are always looking for ways to improve and enhance their services. Shelton Fleming are working to develop an internal engagement score for their projects to share with clients to be more insightful and able to design better for the brands they support. To do that, they need accurate data from the events and exhibitions they produce work for. In the past we have used surveys and tracked the use of interactive screens as well as investigating the use of beacons to track downloads; difficult, particularly with new data protection rules.The SolutionExposure Analytics offers a passive data capture tool used by Shelton Fleming. It can show the flow of people past a stand or activity and engagement numbers - so it’s easy to see the impact. Heat maps and data analysis highlight busy times and specific locations by day and by hour. Thanks to the data captured, Shelton Fleming can provide clients with more insight and together they can start to look at the return on [...]

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