Choosing the Right Venue Management System: A Dummies Guide

Looking to get started with venue management software? You're in the right place. As experts in event tracking technology ourselves, we’re passionate about optimising event success through tech innovations. There are plenty of hugely impressive venue management systems to choose from. In fact, your biggest issue will be figuring [...]

Revolutionising Marketing Strategies with Data Driven Insights

Eager to find out how data driven insights can impact your marketing strategy? Dealing with data, especially event-driven data, can seem overwhelming, but what if we told you that there was an easy solution to revolutionise your marketing strategy when it comes to planning and reviewing events?  Can Exposure [...]

The Role of Venue Management Systems in Event Success

Wondering how venue management systems play a pivotal role in event success? You might be thinking about the activities and responsibilities associated with running and organising an event venue, but that’s not all that goes on behind the scenes of any event.  Can Exposure Analytics’ footfall monitoring sensor technology [...]

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Event Technology

Have you noticed the rise of artificial intelligence event technology? If you’re in the events industry, there might be some handy innovations to consider for your own event business. For ten years, Exposure Analytics has been dedicated to developing event tracking technology that provides data that helps event companies [...]

The Top 7 Ways to Optimise Your Venue Space

If you’re considering how best to optimise venue space, you’re in the right place. As event tracking specialists, Exposure Analytics is here to help you understand what makes your event tick, including exclusive insights into our cutting-edge event tracking technology can help you optimise venue spaces to make them [...]

How to Enhance Customer Experience through Footfall Analytics

Pondering how footfall analytics can enhance your customer’s experience? You might immediately call to mind how footfall tracking technology can be used in retail spaces, but that’s not the only place it can be used for. Think exhibitions, trade shows, live events and roadshows.  So can Exposure Analytics’ footfall [...]

Innovative Uses of Event Technology

Event technology is evolving all the time. With an incredible variety of new, innovative tools at our fingertips, event analytics, management, and experiences are getting better and better every day! At Exposure Analytics, we’re one of the world’s leading event analytics technology companies and we’re passionate about delivering new [...]

Measuring Event Success

If you’ve spent time, money, manpower, and energy on running an event, it makes sense you’d want to understand how well the event has gone, right? Event technology is a growing sector, and the tech is improving all the time. Traditionally, putting on events was a painfully manual process. [...]