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About Us

From measuring the movement of thousands to capturing the engagement of each person who visits your event, Exposure Analytics provides you with all the data you need to measure the impact of your event.

Over the past eight years we’ve worked on over 5000 events around the world. Major brands and agencies use our sensor technology to understand the impact of their experiential marketing activity. We help them to justify their marketing budget and improve their ROI.

Our sensors, sometimes referred to as beacons, deliver real-time insights into how visitors interact with your event. A simple to understand dashboard can tell you at a glance how people are moving around your event or stand, what’s capturing their attention, how long they stay around for, and the routes they take. All this means you can address any issues swiftly during an event and make data-driven, objective decisions post-event about what worked and what didn’t.

We love working with event professionals, exhibition organisers, and marketers, using our expertise to allow them to provide the best experience for their customers.




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