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Apex Monitor

The Apex monitor counts individuals within a clearly defined space. Monitor entry and exit points and live footfall counts in any size space starting from 1m².

Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

Meet Apex: The award-winning footfall space monitor

Tracking occupancy at your event is essential to its success. Not only do status updates on this metric ensure that your events are enjoyable, but safe too – and that’s where Apex comes in.

The Apex monitor can be used to accurately assess the number of visitors and customers who are interacting with your brand, the movement of people, as well as their dwell times at your venue.

Incredibly precise, our easy-to-install sensor is our most advanced event tracking solution that delivers all the metrics you need in real time.

Are you a venue or event organiser looking for accurate engagement insights? Here’s how Apex can help…

Simple Approach

Take your event and experience analytics to the next level with our easy install sensors, simple to use interface and reporting tools that do all the hard work for you.

Engagement Tracking

Use our sensor system to assess your event’s success by tracking the number of visitors who interact with your brand and their dwell times at your experience.


Physically draw the area you want to monitor. Ultra-wide viewing angles cover wide passages and large areas with just a single sensor.


Increased accuracy comes from tracking individual people rather than WiFi signals and the ability to define your own counting perimeters.


Robust and unique people counting technology. Every person that enters the area covered by the sensors is given an ID and tracked continuously.

Improve ROMI

Use insights from the captured data to help justify your expenditure, secure future budgets and improve your Return On Marketing Investment.

How exactly does the Apex footfall space monitor work?

Footfall space monitors are a fantastic way to show customer and visitor engagement. The Apex sensor differs from other products on the market in that it detects using visitors’ smart devices.

With the Apex sensor, you’ll gain immediate insights into which areas of your venue are busiest, the demographics and flow of visitors, and which speakers drew the largest crowd and kept them there for the longest period of time.

All of this live data will be instantly accessible to you through our intuitive engagement Dashboard.

But how exactly does this work?

Zones & lines

The Zones & Lines feature allows you to digitally draw and define areas that you would like to monitor. With this, you can accurately receive the footfall data of visitors interacting within that specific area in real time.


The occupancy feature displays the live occupancy of an area (in any language!) on any smart device that is connected to the internet. When positioned at the entrance or exit points, it has the added safety feature of informing visitors of the current occupancy numbers and whether they are able to enter or if they must wait.

Key analytics that Apex tracks

Apex tracks a wide variety of customer habits that other devices simply do not, allowing for a far more accurate picture of how your venue is functioning.

  • People Coordinates of attendees entering and exiting
  • The live occupancy of specific areas
  • New and returning visitor counting
  • Audience demographics
  • Visitor distribution
  • Accurate footfall tracking to prevent overcrowding
  • Dwell times to monitor genuine engagement

Is the Apex monitor right for you? Your questions answered

Apex is one of the most accurate ways to track your customer engagement and footfall. But we understand that you may have some questions when deciding whether or not it’s the right solution for you.

For more about Exposure Analytics, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Footfall monitoring describes how many people enter a venue over a period of time. On its own, the footfall shows how successful an event is at marketing and presenting itself.

The footfall data can also be used to measure a number of metrics:

  • Real-time sales conversion
  • Occupancy levels
  • Average shopping time
  • Display success
  • Staff efficiency

Apex coverage depends on the height and number of Apex installed. Our friendly Exposure Analytics team will work with you to calculate the number of sensors required.

Once the area has been mapped, the sensors can be stitched together to give you seamless coverage of all activity.

Apex requires Power over Ethernet (PoE) internet-enabled cable to operate. If you’re interested in some of our other sensors, our Ex Sensors exhibition tracker can be powered via PoE too, as well as mains power or a battery pack for short periods.

Our Wi-Fi sensors are completely passive. They do not transmit Wi-Fi traffic at all, only listen – therefore, they will not have a detrimental impact on Wi-Fi quality at the venue.

Yes, Apex allows you to optimise your event or experience based on real-time insights, from staffing levels to prime placements of your latest products, setting it above its competitors, and allowing for extremely precise reporting.

Yes, absolutely. The coverage of the Apex system will depend entirely on the height at which the sensors are installed (plus how many sensors you have) at the venue or around the exhibition event area.

Exposure Analytics offers bespoke solutions, so our team will be able to work with you to calculate the number of sensors you will require.

Yes, we offer weatherproof versions of our sensors so it’s an ideal solution no matter whether your venue plans an indoor or outdoor event.

Yes, we take privacy incredibly seriously and ensure we comply with GDPR and The Data Protection Act 2018 regulations with regard to delivering our services.

A statement from The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) says that ‘If the data is anonymised and is unable to be re-identified, it is not subject to the requirements of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA).’

At Exposure Analytics, we implement privacy by design; we will never share anonymised MAC address data with third parties or create features that involve using data gathered to single out an individual.

If you require any further information about our data policy and GDPR compliance at Exposure Analytics, please contact DPO@exposureanalytics.com

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So, just how exactly can event tracking with Apex help you and your business?

Exposure Analytics is a leading provider of event analytics solutions, particularly when it comes to experiential marketing and live events. Experiential marketing is a lucrative avenue that can boost brand awareness and improve relationships between a brand and its customers, so it’s essential that you get it right.

The Apex monitor is a truly unrivalled system that uses industry-leading footfall technology, allowing for the utmost accuracy at a highly competitive price.

The real-time monitoring offered by Apex enables an enhanced understanding of how customers are engaging with your business, conversion rates, and more, which is essential to the success of any enterprise, especially when the market is becoming more and more saturated.

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Powering experiences through insight

Measure the success of
your events and experiences
with our simple to install and
easy to use intelligent sensor

Optimise your event or
experience based on real
time insights, from staffing
levels to prime placement of
your latest products.

Reflect on the insights from
your event and report back
to your wider team with
confidence in the accuracy of
your data.



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