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People Coordinates

People Coordinates gives you the next level in footfall analytics. See the precise movements of visitors and how the interact with your space.

Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

Simple Approach

To make something so complex look simplistic is an art form and that is what People Coordinates delivers. Live data at your fingertips to act on and to replay when required.

Engagement Tracking

Creates zones for measurement of visitor interaction in your space. See how they move around your space and gather unique metrics on your visitors’ bever before available.

Data Accuracy

Our 3D sensors have unrivalled accuracy and along with our other products gives you the comfort and trust in our data reliability.

Deeper Insights

People Coordinates provides granular detail of visitor movements with the ability to measure specific interactions in key areas showing dwell times for engagement.

Secure Information

As with all our suite of products the data we gather is completely anonymous, fully GDPR compliant and managed securely.

Improve ROMI

With People Coordinates you can analyse the use of your space ensuring you get the best out of it and make any required adjustments for your next activity.

Powering experiences through insight

Measure the success of
your events and experiences
with our simple to install and
easy to use intelligent sensor

Optimise your event or
experience based on real
time insights, from staffing
levels to prime placement of
your latest products.

Reflect on the insights from
your event and report back
to your wider team with
confidence in the accuracy of
your data.



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