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How EX Sensors Data Collection Can Impact Your Experiential Marketing Strategy

EX Sensors take event analytics to the next level. This article explores how data collection from our reliable EX Sensors, can positively impact your experiential marketing strategy.  Introducing A Revolution For Your Experiential Marketing: EX Sensors The purpose of EX Sensors is to gather unique metrics about the movement [...]

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The Different Types of Experiential Marketing & How Event Technology Can Impact them

As a business, experiential marketing campaigns can be extremely lucrative if used correctly. When promoting a brand, many companies focus on other types of marketing, including field marketing and digital marketing. However, experiential marketing has its own unique benefits, enabling you to create a memorable experience for potential customers. [...]

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Case Study: Event Tech Live 2022

In this event case study, we'll look at Event Tech Live (ETL) 2022, one of the most unique business conferences in the world. ETL is an extremely successful event and is the only event portfolio dedicated to current event technology. At Exposure Analytics, our implementation teams have a wealth of experience [...]

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The year events came back, with a twist

After a difficult couple of years for the event industry, in-person events were well and truly back this year. We’ve loved being busier than ever, capturing vital data to help our customers make the most of their events, exhibitions and activations. We’ve seen some really interesting trends in our [...]

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