Choosing the right footfall tracking solution for your business can feel pretty complicated, but at Exposure Analytics, we’re here to make it easy. Our team is on hand to make it easy for you to choose the right analytics tools for your events, and get the most out of your investment.

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What is Footfall Tracking?

Footfall tracking is the practice of gathering data about the number of people in a space. 

When it comes to footfall tracking for events, this can cover dwell times, entry and exit times, capacity tracking, occupancy rates, attendee engagement, and even identify high footfall areas.

Footfall tracking is an important safety measure for many organisations but also offers a huge range of insights for event stakeholders, including marketing teams, c-suites and the teams on the ground running events. 

Why are Footfall Analytics Important?

Footfall analytics are incredibly important for a lot of different businesses, as they can tell you a huge amount about the success of an event, as well as capacity, footfall, key dwelling areas, and much more. These insights are applicable to event stands, but also retail environments, entertainment venues, exhibitions, public spaces and many more areas.

Footfall analytics is most important for businesses because of the rich data they can offer. This data can be used in many different ways:

  • Improving your visitor experience and increasing engagement – if you notice patterns that imply visitor engagement is higher for certain parts of your display than others, you can focus efforts to either increase the presence of these types of displays or improve those that are underperforming.
  • Improving conversion rates – increased engagement = better conversions. By helping you improve your engagement and capture the attention of your visitors, footfall tracking solutions can help you improve conversions – and ultimately – your bottom line.
  • Reducing costs and increasing ROI – by understanding what gets your audience engaged and converting, you can tailor future events and dates with this information in mind. That means less budget wasted on things your target market doesn’t love and better investment where it counts.

How to Collect Footfall Analytics Data

Footfall analytics data can be collected in many ways. 

Historically, footfall data was very limited and was done primarily by manually counting the people in a space or using clickers or similar tools to keep track of the number of people entering and exiting a space. Of course, this left a large margin for user error and was only good for counting total footfall or footfall at a certain time (which then, of course, needed to be logged manually, opening up more potential for mistakes).

More recently, footfall analytics data could be collected using CCTV footage. This gave a more accurate picture of capacity and footfall, and can more accurately be timestamped. However, this method also has its limitations – data can only be accessed after an event, it can be difficult to accurately carry out headcounts when a space is busy, CCTV only covers certain areas of a premises, and it can be incredibly time-consuming for staff.

Today, footfall analytics can be gathered in a range of considerably more accurate methods.

Electronic footfall analytics is more of an investment than these old-school methods, but it’s well spent. Electronic footfall analysis has many advantages, including:

  • Highly accurate data
  • Both live and historical data analysis
  • Lightning-fast results with no manual data gathering required

There are a few different ways to track footfall using electronic footfall analytics, including top-down cameras, 3D sensors, and wifi tracking. There are a few differences between them, so it’s important you choose the right type of footfall tracking solution for your business.

Choosing the Right Footfall Tracking Solutions with Exposure Analytics

Apex Monitor

Using Apex Monitor, you can easily and accurately track people in a defined space – no clickers, pen and paper, or CCTV required!

Using entry and exit point monitors, our Apex Monitor anonymously tracks individuals and counts the capacity of a space. It can also tell you about occupancy and engagement rates in certain areas, helping you identify both high and low-traffic areas.

People Coordinates

People Coordinates is our most advanced solution to help the organisations we work with accurately track not just footfall, but exactly how visitors move around event spaces.

Using state-of-the-art 3D sensors, People Coordinates offers extreme precision when it comes to understanding exactly how your guests move around exhibition stands and spaces. 

If you want the deepest possible insights into how people are interacting with your event spaces, People Coordinates can help.


The Exposure Analytics dashboard integrates seamlessly with our footfall analytics technology, offering you easy-to-read dashboards, customised with the most valuable data for you and your team.

We can help you see live activity as well as deep dive into historical data, helping contextualise those all-important marketing decisions you have to make in real time.

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