More and more people are recognising the benefits of using live people coordinates to help shape and influence their events. 

This real-time event data can not only help you ensure your current conference runs smoothly, but can also provide valuable data insights for any future events you wish to hold. 

Here at Exposure Analytics, our range of award-winning event analytic solutions use only the most cutting-edge technology to provide businesses with a variety of useful insights. 

Since we started in 2014, our tools have been used at 6,000 events – will yours be next?

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What Are People Coordinates?

People tracking is where you monitor how your attendees behave – both in movement and engagement. 

This information can be obtained through specially designed tools that capture these data insights. 

At Exposure Analytics, our People Coordinates tool gives you next level accuracy of footfall analytics and how visitors are engaging with your event thanks to our 3D sensors. 

As this information is real-time event data, you are able to use the analytics to make in-the-moment decisions which could ensure your visitors are enjoying themselves, and improve the overall success of your event.  

This is just one of our wide range of sensors that capture a range of live data at events.

These insights can heavily influence decisions that will not only benefit your events, but the overall future of your business too. 

The Benefits Real-Time Event Data Can Have On Your Business

As reported by Quadrant2Design, 85 million people attend events in the UK each year

As a lucrative marketing strategy for businesses, having the resources to see how visitors engage with your events is essential. 

This additional insight gives you the opportunity to improve on your events in the future, as well as show just how beneficial events are to your company and its business goals. 

Engagement Tracking

Most event organisers arrange a variety of activities for visitors to engage with, such as:

  • Speakers
  • Stands
  • Stalls

If you want your attendees to leave your event inspired and excited for your next one, it is crucial to ensure they are engaged with at least some of these. 

Real-time event tracking is a simple and easy way to keep a watchful eye on the engagement of your visitors. 

Our People Coordinates technology allows you to create specific zones so you can measure attendee interaction in a specific space. This can be useful especially if you have taken a chance with certain speakers or stalls and want to see if your risk was worth it. 

You can use this data during the event, for example, if something isn’t working as you’d hope, you can alter the rest of your agenda to reflect what your attendees enjoy and ensure they leave happy.  

Measure Dwell Times

Dwell times refers to the amount of time someone spends at a specific location of your event. 

Being able to measure dwell times is important as you can use this information to assess the popularity of your exhibitors, speakers, and/or sponsors. 

You can then use these data insights to influence decisions you make for any future events. For example, you can decide if certain sponsors or exhibitors are worth the price for the engagement with visitors. 

Assess Your Use of the Space

We all know how much of a logistical nightmare it can be trying to work out where to place your exhibitor stalls or stages for speakers, whilst also ensuring you don’t exceed the maximum room capacity. 

Certain tools, like our Apex Monitor, allow you to monitor both entrances and exits as well as live footfall counts in any space (starting from 1m²).

This gives you the chance to use your space effectively, such as:

  • Preventing bottlenecks before they even begin – improving the overall experience of your attendees
  • Use the footfall analytics to assess if you need more staff in certain areas
  • If you are using the same venue for a future event, you can see what issues you had previously, and ensure you make better use of the space next time
  • Utilise the live data from our technology to ensure you don’t exceed capacity limits 

Monitor Event Traffic

It’s no secret that the more people at your event, the ‘better’ it is considered to be. However, more people at your event means more people to monitor and consider if something drastic was to happen, such as a fire. 

As an event organiser, it is on you to ensure that the visitors and staff are kept safe at all times. Therefore, it is crucial that you can monitor the amount of people at your event. 

Real time event tracking allows you to assess the number of people in certain spaces and lets you act intentionally – for example, you could send more staff to prevent bottlenecks. 

Prove ROMI

Being able to show to your seniors the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) from your event is extremely important – especially if you hope to run more in the future! 

Having access to a wide range of real-time event data that is easy to follow, like with our EX Sensor, lets you turn these data insights into marketing assets to show the value events can bring to your business. 

You can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, and highlight ways you can improve on your last event to make your next one an even bigger success. 

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Hopefully you can now see just how essential it is to use people coordinates for events! Such a simple solution can provide your business with real-time data insights to aid decisions regarding the future of your company. 

Knowing where to find solutions that offer easy-to-understand analytics can be difficult – but that’s where we come in. 

We offer a wide selection of innovative technology solutions so you find the right tool for your business. 

Here at Exposure Analytics, we’re experts at what we do. We can provide you with an array of data to help you make sure your event is a success. 

For the past nine years, our solutions have been used at more than 6,000 events across the world, and we want to continue to help thousands more over the next few years. 

If you’d like to find out more about our people coordinate solutions and how they can benefit your business, please get in contact with our expert team and we will get the process started.