If you’re wondering how event tracking technology can help improve your business, you’ve come to the right place. 

When used in the right way, event tracking tools can provide a range of people and event analytics that can be extremely beneficial and insightful to your business. 

Exposure Analytics is an award-winning company that specialises in cutting-edge event analytic solutions, which aid businesses and their future investments.

Since our conception in 2014, our solutions have helped businesses at over 6,000 events – could yours be next?

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Event Tracking: Defined

Event tracking is where you monitor the behaviour of attendees at your live and experiential events

More often than not, this information is gathered by tools specifically designed to capture certain metrics. 

Here at Exposure Analytics, we have a range of sensors that collect different types of live data, such as:

  • Footfall
  • Dwell times
  • Heat maps
  • Flow routes
  • Engagement rates

People analytics can play a huge role in influencing business decisions that will benefit your events and the overall future of the company. 

The Ways Event Tracking Can Help Your Business

According to a report from M&IT, in 2022 there were more than one million events and conferences in the UK – double the amount held in 2021!

With more and more businesses adding events to part of their marketing strategies, it is essential to be able to track your metrics. 

Not only will this allow you to improve on your events in the future, but also show how valuable they are to your business and its goals. 

Reducing Risks

Even though event organisers no longer have to comply to Covid-19 rules and regulations, people’s safety is still high up on the priority list. 

It can be hard to manually track the amount of people in and out of your space, and people’s safety can easily be compromised. 

Using tools that can track the footfall of people in and out of your event can ensure you do not exceed the capacity limit – maintaining people’s safety. 

Our award-winning Apex sensor has a 95% accuracy rate for assessing the number of visitors at your event.  

Therefore, if the live data shows you that people are congregating in one specific area, you can quickly send more staff to the area to ensure your attendee’s safety is top of the priority. 

Track Attendee Engagement

When organising an event, most planners arrange speakers, stands, and stalls in the hope that attendees will engage with them.

Ensuring your attendees are engaged is essential to leave them inspired and wanting to tell their colleagues about how good it was (word of mouth marketing) – which will hopefully boost the amount of attendees at your next event. 

Therefore, it is imperative that organisers are able to monitor the engagement and behaviour of attendees, and implementing event tracking technology is an easy and simple way to gain valuable insights. 

There are various ways to track attendee engagement, such as:

Dwell Times

This refers to the length of time an attendee spends at a specific section of your event. 

More often than not, your tracking technology can calculate the average dwell time of an attendee. 

Having this information allows you to discover which of your speakers, stands, or stalls was most successful and lets you plan accordingly for your next event. 

Zone Occupancy

This metric allows you to analyse how many people were in a certain zone of your event and what was popular with your attendees. 

This information will be useful for when you come to plan your next event’s agenda, as you can tailor it to keep your attendee’s engagement rates – and enjoyment – high. 

Engagement Rates

Engagement rates is the way attendees engage with your speakers, stands, and overall event. This can be measured in certain ways, such as:

  • The number of people at a session
  • Duration of session attendance
  • Audience participation

It is important to have high engagement rates as it shows that your attendees are interested in your speakers and/ or stands, and are enjoying themselves.  

The real-time data that event tracking tools provide allows organisers to make informed decisions during the actual event!

So, if something isn’t performing as you’d hoped, you can quickly change things to ensure attendees are happy and engaged for the entire event.

Quickly Address Issues

When organising an event, problems are bound to happen. Solutions to potential issues should be planned and explained to staff prior to the start of your event. 

However, we all know that as much as you plan for the worst, sometimes the unexpected can sneak up on you. 

For example, you may find:

  • There isn’t enough seating for all of your attendees
  • People go to the wrong room for a talk
  • There a long queues at one of your vendors, blocking an exit

You need to be able to quickly address any issues before they escalate to a huge problem, causing upset, annoyance, or even injury to your attendees. 

Our Dashboard solution provides event planners with a wide range of real-time insights at the touch of a button. 

By being able to continually monitor your event, you can stop issues in their tracks and ensure everyone has a lovely – and safe – time. 

Return on Investment (ROI)

Planning, organising, and executing an event is a huge investment. 

According to a report by the Central District Alliance, spending on business events and international conferences for the UK is expected to be worth £27.6 billion by 2026! 

Not only is it a lot of money, but a huge amount of people’s time is also dedicated to the big day.

So, being able to track the return on investment (ROI) is essential. There are numerous advantages to tracking this, such as:

  • Gauging the success of your events
  • Highlighting areas for improvements
  • Discovering how it has impacted your business goals

This process is made simple with the analytics provided by event tracking tools as you can easily discover the answer to your questions.

Plus, you can also save your business money by being able to assess if things didn’t perform as well as expected and help inform better decisions for the next event!

Future Planning

If your business is hoping to plan and host future events, having metrics from your previous event can help enormously when designing your next one.  

By understanding people’s behaviour and engagement rates, you can ensure that you are learning from – and not repeating – what didn’t work as well last time. 

Heat-maps, like you can find in our EX sensor, can help you see what was popular with your attendees and you can make sure that you invest in the same or similar vendors, speakers, or promotional displays for your next event. 

If You’re Ready to Invest in Event Tracking Technology, Get in Touch Today!

We hope this has shown you how crucial event tracking technology is. This simple solution can provide your business with in-depth data and insights to help you make the right decisions when the time comes. 

However, knowing where to find the best tools for your needs can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s where we come in. 

We have a wide range of advanced technology solutions so you can find the right solution to improve your business. 

At Exposure Analytics, we’re experts at what we do. We are able to provide you with all the data you need to make your event a success. 

Over the past nine years, we’ve worked on over 6,000 events from businesses across the world, and we aim to cultivate thousands more over the next few years.

If you’d like to find out more about how our event tracking technology can help improve your business, please reach out to our expert team and we’ll get the process started.