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Powering experiences through insight

Exposure Analytics is the market leader in experiential analytics for events. Our award-winning high-tech solutions have helped major global brands and agencies measure over 3000 events, giving them more accurate, deeper insights and helping them improve Return On Marketing Investment.


Our Clients


Apex is a people counter and monitors individuals.


Apex counts individuals in a defined space and monitors exit and entry points.

EX sensors count footfall and engagement rates at exhibitions and events.

EX Sensor

EX sensors give footfall, engagement rates, dwell times, and flow information for events and exhibitions.

Aperture captures demographic insights.


Aperture captures the demographic profile and sentiment of your audience without interrupting their experience.

Event Camera Dataset


return on marketing investment


See new & returning visitor counts, average dwell time, conversion ratio, current capacity and live heatmap of visitor distribution.
View data in the Exposure platform or subscribe to our real-time API.

consumer reporting

Reporting options

See an overview of visitor engagement metrics and dwell time distribution, or drill down into more detailed statistical reports including conversion ratios and weather analysis.

demographic insights


See gender, age and emotional demographic data for visitors that engaged with key activations at your event or retail space. Tailor your future activations to appeal to your key audiences.

Interactive maps

Find the busiest areas and peak periods of footfall at your event or retail space. Replay visitor movements as they happened, in a variety of interactive chart formats.


See how your visitors moved around your space, find out the busiest routes over time so you can position your activation to optimise footfall and visitor engagement


Plan your event sensor layout and compare events in different locations. View and download heat maps, flowcharts and data on weather.


Recent Blogs

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The metrics event professionals need in 2023

January 13th, 2023|Exposure Analytics Blog|

It was fantastic to see more and more in-person events return in 2022 and that trend looks set to continue in 2023. But a review of the data from our clients, showed a changing picture of visitor behaviour in 2022.  It’s more important than ever to be able to capture accurate data on visitor numbers and behaviour so that you can assess the return on marketing investment of events, [...]

The year events came back, with a twist

December 20th, 2022|Exposure Analytics Blog|

After a difficult couple of years for the event industry, in-person events were well and truly back this year. We’ve loved being busier than ever, capturing vital data to help our customers make the most of their events, exhibitions and activations. We’ve seen some really interesting trends in our data from events we’ve worked at over multiple years. Overall visitor numbers at many events are still down on pre-covid [...]

5 x Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection

November 17th, 2022|Exposure Analytics Blog|

We are delighted to have once again won the Event Technology Award for Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection. This is the fifth year in a row that we have won this particular category. And our 7th Event Technology Awards win.   Our sensors provide a wide range of insights and event analytics including footfall, flow routes, dwell time and engagement rates.  The data gathered and [...]


Measure the success of your events and experiences with our simple to install and easy to use intelligent sensor system.


Optimise your event or experience based on real time insights, from staffing levels to prime placement of your latest products.


Reflect on the insights from your event and report back to your wider team with confidence in the accuracy of your data.


We provide technology you know you can trust to gather data you know you can rely on.


We dedicate ourselves to quick delivery times and rapid responses to our clients’ needs.


We constantly develop our solution based on client feedback and advances in technology.


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