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Venue & Event Organisers

Our solutions can help event organisers better understand venues and the way attendees move around them in order to optimise events for better visitor engagement and footfall.

Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

We have worked with major venues and event organisers, installing our sensors at exhibition spaces in over 35 countries over the last 8 years.

We understand that trust is key: trust between event organisers and exhibitors, and between venues and event organisers. All parties want to know that they have accurate measurement in place so they know they will get what has been promised to them.

Our sensors can provide insights into which areas of a venue were busiest, demographics and flow of visitors, and which speakers drew the largest crowd and kept them there for the longest period of time.

How do we help to measure success for venue and event organisers?


Our team of analytics experts spend time understanding what our clients want to measure and advising them on other metrics available through our state-of the-art sensor system. Based on the data requirements, our team scopes out which sensors are required to capture the data and we work with our clients to formulate an install plan as well as getting them set up on their events dashboard.


During the events the clients are able to use mobiles and tablets to access their Exposure Analytics dashboard, accessing real time data from the sensors. Based on this data they can adjust their space and staffing to encourage better results.

Our sensors can identify which venue entrances are busiest and the most popular routes around the venue, so clients can adjust their event strategy in real-time – changing the location of staffing, for example, based on this data, to optimise staff engagement with event attendees. For theatre events, our technology can identify not just how many people enter the venue, but how long the stayed there for, helping the client make better decisions around the event in real time, and for future events.


During the events the clients are able to use mobiles and tablets to access their Exposure Analytics dashboard, accessing real time data from the sensors. Based on this data they can adjust their space and staffing to encourage better results.

Our sensors can identify which venue entrances are busiest and the most popular routes around the venue, so clients can adjust their event strategy in real-time – changing the location of staffing, for example, based on this data, to optimise staff engagement with event attendees. For theatre events, our technology can identify not just how many people enter the venue, but how long the stayed there for, helping the client make better decisions around the event in real time, and for future events.


After the event our clients can conduct more in-depth analysis of the data, join data together from other sources at the event e.g. a market research survey that they have conducted. They then use the insights gleaned to plan improvements for future events – for example, planning the location of the stand around the most popular area (such as a café or bar) to ensure more footfall – and justify future budgets.

Venue event tracking is one of the most important metrics for measuring the success of your events, ensuring they’re not only enjoyable but safe.

As a venue owner, getting the right tools in place can help you monitor the performance of each event, giving you valuable insight into how the space is being used and its occupancy. Having this data to hand supports priority concerns like health and safety, but also covers other key areas of event management – for example, catering.

Exposure Analytics is a leading events analytics solutions provider that has worked on over 5000 events worldwide. For your venue, our products will give you a clear picture of the occupancy and other real-time tracking data.

With us, you can better attract and sell your venue to other businesses looking to host or attend an event. Not only will they benefit from using your space, but using our beacon technology and EX sensors, they’ll be kept in the loop with both live and post-event metrics.

What is venue event tracking?

Venue event tracking is essentially the monitoring of attendee behaviour during an event at a specific venue. Whether the event is an experiential marketing or live event or other, venue event tracking collects location-based data that shows attendee engagement, from footfall count to how long a person stays in a certain space – for example, browsing a specific stand – and more.

Why is it so important?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic certainly hindered the events industry, in 2021, the average number of events per venue in the UK reached 124. Whilst this figure is still lower than pre-pandemic numbers of around 300 to 400, the events industry is beginning to recover, making venue event tracking essential for managing event logistics.

For venue organisers, our event tracking products will present you with an accurate picture of attendee experience, as well as identify potential revenue opportunities for future events or follow-ups.

Analytics can be used to investigate the efficiency of particular events, allowing you to become better informed on how you can improve aspects like the layout and design of the venue to increase sponsor ROI (return on investment) and attendee satisfaction.

Our venue event tracking solutions

Measure precisely how well your events are performing using our real-time venue event tracking systems.

As far as tracking technology goes, it’s come along leaps and bounds in recent years – how accurate has it gotten? Scarily good. Our equipment is almost 100% accurate with its collection of important event metrics. As a result, you can expect rich and accurate data when you work with us.


Apex is our most advanced tracking solution. It accurately counts the number of attendees within a defined space of any size starting from 1m².

Features include:

  • 3D stereoscopic sensor – Enables the device to only register people
  • On-board image processing – Keeps the identity of visitors private, only recording statistics and no images
  • Zones & lines – Gives you the ability to digitally draw and define areas that you would like to monitor, enabling footfall counting of visitors interacting within that specific area; real-time monitoring of area occupancy with the option to include a minimum time for more accurate results
  • Occupancy – Displays the live occupancy of an area (in any language!) on any device that is connected to the internet. When positioned at the entrance of a space, it can inform visitors of the current occupancy numbers and whether they are able to enter or if they have to wait
  • Multiple rooms – Tracks how busy each room is, making the data available to you in a simple glance and helping you decide where staff need to be. You can see if all visitors are spread across the various rooms evenly or if certain aspects of the event are performing better than others

All of the above can assist with providing crucial insights into how each section of your venue performs during an event – you can oversee whether people are interacting with your space as intended and whether some areas require additional or less staff.

Worried that your venue space is too big? No problem. Apex sensors can cover larger areas with ease by simply stitching together multiple sensors. They’re suited to both indoor and outdoor use – even amidst rainy or wet weather, these are IP65-rated sensors, so you can be confident the show will go on!

Keep in mind that Apex requires Power over Ethernet (PoE), but they are manufactured with inbuilt 4G connectivity with 4G PoE routers available for your use as well.

Ex Sensors

The Ex Sensor is a small form factor device for Wi-Fi-based event tracking and analytics. It captures data by using Wi-Fi signals from each attendee’s phone or other smart device.

Features include:

  • Plug and play capabilities – Making these sensors extremely straightforward to use and one of our most versatile products
  • 16GB internal memory – Enables data to be saved locally should the device lose internet connection
  • 8-hour onboard battery – What’s more, if the battery dies or you’re planning an event that will last all day – such as an exhibition – this battery can be extended with an external battery pack or plugged into a mains socket
  • 4G SIM – For venues without internet access, Ex Sensors are great for venue event tracking as there is no need for direct connection to a network, potentially saving you from having to purchase network access in order to gain event metrics
  • 4G LTE Modem – Encourages strong connection for maximum device potential
  • Summary – Ex Sensors can provide you with a number of unique statistics from an event, including:
    • Total visitors
    • Engaged visitors
    • Returned visitors
    • Returned engaged visitors
    • Average dwell time
    • Engaged dwell time
  • Statistics – When looking at the Statistics page, data is broken down into individual sensors, allowing you to see how each sensor performed for the duration of the event
    • Sensor Comparison chart – ‘At a glance’ data for all sensors that were used during the event
    • Conversion Ratio – Shows you the ratio of visitors converting from passing to engaged for each sensor used
  • Maps – Two animated infographics:
    • Heatmap that shows the density of devices around each sensor
    • Treemap that indicates the distribution share of visitors over time
  • Flowchart – Shows most popular routes across your venue between Ex Sensors with journeys in red being the most popular

In an age where smartphones and other smart devices are constant companions for almost everyone, the Ex Sensors prove to be a valuable product when it comes to venue event tracking, so it is not surprising that they are our most popular solution.

You can expect accurate footfall data, especially since potential outliers such as staff devices or point of sale (POS) terminals can be blacklisted before the start of an event to eliminate them from being counted as part of the data collection.

People Coordinates

People Coordinates maps the precise movements of attendees. It has a target accuracy of +/-10% regarding movement patterns.

Features include:

  • Visitors are given a unique ID – Allows you to monitor their movements and interactions throughout the event in real time
  • Measurement of specific interactions and dwell times – Helps with the analysis of how long visitors tend to stay in one area and move on to the next
  • Full reports – Accessible post-event, any insights gathered can be used to inform future developments of the venue

Tracking visitor movements with People Coordinates is essential in investigating whether visitors are engaging with your venue in the way you’d intended.


Our Dashboard provides a clear, easily accessible display for you to keep tabs on how the event is going.

Features include:

  • Access to live metrics and event performance
  • Post-event reports and the ability to review data in more depth
  • Access to the sensor status of each stationed within your venue
  • Ability to log on and view data at any time, from anywhere

If you’ve got any questions about how any of our products work, be sure to check out our handy FAQs page. We’re also happy to chat – so do get in touch if you’d prefer.

Benefits of venue event tracking & how you can use the data

Having an effective venue event tracking system is crucial for gathering data that can be used to optimise attendee experience on the spot, as well as better inform future marketing initiatives and/or reconstruct plans for the venue.

Using Exposure Analytics’ Ex Sensor Statistics provides you with a number of metrics, including the number of engaged visitors and engaged dwell time at a given space. Combined with People Coordinates, you’ll be able to measure the ROI of each visitor who steps foot into your venue – particularly, who is returning to your venue each time and how they interact with your space.

View live metrics via the Dashboard or access these once the event is over to gain full clarity on visitor ROI. You can also use the Conversion Ratio to see the number of visitors being converted from passing to engaged – and in which areas this occurs the most.

Our RFID technology tracks attendee movement with products like People Coordinates, improving attendee experience through event tracking. Particularly, analysing the way in which attendees interact and move around your venue can offer you insights into their behaviour and preferences.

Being able to analyse attendee behaviour, as well as investing in ways in which you can further appeal and connect with them, is a great pull for businesses and brands looking to host or attend exhibitions at your venue. The promise of these event metrics can also help them secure their marketing and events budget.

With the Ex Sensor Flowchart, you can view the flow of traffic at your venue during an event, identifying which areas have low traffic and which ones have heavy traffic, as well as how attendees tend to move from one place to another.

As a result, for similar events at your venue in the future, you can optimise your venue space to increase attendee engagement. In particular, this can be useful in investigating whether they are using the venue like how it is designed, such as a one-way system, or whether this is futile and a different approach must be undertaken.

Implementing a route or method to make it easier or more efficient for visitors to move around the venue is an excellent way to elevate their experience throughout their time at your venue.

Apex Zones can indicate which areas tend to occupy the most visitors, and in turn, you now know the specific spaces where peak traffic occurs, informing future decisions about potentially changing or upgrading the layout or design of the venue to accommodate traffic.

Maximising sponsor and vendor ROI with venue event tracking has never been easier than with Exposure Analytics’ range of event analytics solutions, including the Dashboard and Apex sensors.

Full reports of event metrics can be found easily on the platform post-event, allowing you to gather interesting insights and collate these into a separate report that can be presented to the sponsor or vendor of the event.

Sharing this information can be beneficial in not only helping them improve their own ROI but also increasing yours as they will more likely perceive your venue as reliable and capable of retrieving key event metrics.

Knowing the footfall count in specific areas at a venue, particularly during an exhibition where there are multiple stands, can help vendors with identifying how engaged attendees are with their products or services.

If you are worried about potential security risks at your venue during an event, you no longer need to. With the use of Apex Occupancy, ensuring safety and security through event tracking is made possible and simple.

In a post-COVID world, safety and security are top priorities regarding in-person events, which is why Apex Occupancy is the ideal solution for keeping attendees safe.

With the app, you can showcase the live occupancy of a specific area on a device planted at an entry point, and should this figure reach a specific limit, a message can be displayed that informs visitors that they must wait before entering the area.

Doing this can prevent the risk of overcrowded spaces, which can negatively affect attendee experience, ensuring the safety of people visiting your venue. Stampedes or other potential risks are also mitigated.

Tracking the success of your event: What you should consider

There are certain things to consider, especially ethical considerations, when it comes to venue event tracking and data privacy regulations. A few ethical considerations for collecting and using event tracking data include:

GDPR compliance

Our beacon-enabled event tracking technology is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that data privacy is secured; privacy concerns are mitigated as data recorded is kept anonymous and does not personally identify specific individuals


Visitors may be unaware that you are capturing data of them throughout an event, and this can lead to possible negative consequences later on. To prevent this, it is a good idea to obtain their consent in advance, perhaps by informing them of what happens when they step foot into your venue before they finalise purchasing a ticket – this can be stated in the terms and conditions as well

Records of data

What happens to visitor data once you have collected and gleaned insights? This is particularly important to think about because it should be stated in the terms and conditions before a potential visitor purchases a ticket to an event at your venue; you should clearly state if data is instantly deleted or is kept for a certain amount of time

Get real-time insights for your venue

The future of venue event tracking technology is huge. And we want to kit you out with the very best here at Exposure Analytics.

For a venue event tracking solution that’ll take your venue to the next level, choose from any of our award-winning tracking products. If you are looking to identify areas of improvement regarding key performance indicators (KPIs) and drive vendor ROI without disrupting your visitors’ experience, then Exposure Analytics has got you covered.

For more information or if you have any questions about our venue event tracking products, get in touch with us today.



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