EX Sensors take event analytics to the next level. This article explores how data collection from our reliable EX Sensors, can positively impact your experiential marketing strategy. 

Introducing A Revolution For Your Experiential Marketing: EX Sensors

The purpose of EX Sensors is to gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of visitors at any given event or activation. 

Our easy-install EX Sensors are a simple-to-use interface, with reporting tools that do all the hard work for you. You can take your experiential event analytics to the next level with EX Sensors. 

Regardless of the type of live event or exhibition you are hosting, EX Sensors will offer you the opportunity to reflect on the insights from how your attendees behaved. Crucially, this means you can report back to your wider team with confidence that the data you have received is accurate. 

How Do EX Sensors Work?

At events and activations, EX Sensors use wifi signals from devices to capture footfall, dwell times, engagement rates, flow routes and heat maps. 

EX Sensors work using a footfall counting feature which accurately measures how many unique and repeat visitors attend your brand’s space during your event. In addition, interactive maps showcase the busiest routes, areas and peak periods of footfall at your event and the flow of visitors moving around your space.

How Can EX Sensors Help Optimise Your Event’s Marketing Strategy?

EX Sensor’s capabilities have practical applications and the benefits of these applications can help to focus and get the most out of a marketing strategy. This is a vital way that the data from EX Sensors can help to improve your business as a whole.

Organising an event can be a large investment for your business. You will be able to use insights from the EX Sensors’ captured data to help justify your expenditure, secure future budgets and improve your return on marketing investment. 

You will be able to save your company money by identifying the things that didn’t perform as well as expected. This will help inform better decisions for the next event that you host. 

Which Industries Can Benefit?

Our sensors have benefitted a range of different industries, spanning over 5000 events, capturing data for brands, agencies, and event and exhibition organisers to help them evaluate the success of their activities. Here are some examples of industries we have helped enhance their data capturing:

  • Gaming industry
  • Medical conferences
  • Sporting events 
  • Automotive industry
  • Healthcare
  • Airport retailers
  • Music festivals
  • Award ceremonies 

Despite this, there are still a multitude of other industries that can also benefit from using EX Sensors. Wherever there are people interacting in an experiential event space, there are insights to be gained. 

Harness Insights That Are Fuelled By Data From Your Own Customers

EX Sensors enable business owners to base the marketing strategies for their experiential events on the behaviours of real people by offering up data of real-life interactions. 

For example, EX Sensors can showcase where people go in an event, helping you to learn about their behaviour so that in the future you can ensure that your budget is focused on the appropriate areas of the event.  Gaining an understanding of what attendees enjoy helps you to target this again in the future. 

With this in mind, EX Sensors can help to refine your experiential marketing strategy by improving audience engagement. A real life case study that shows the power of this technology comes from our display at Event Tech Live, where we managed to improve audience engagement and audience retention throughout the event.

The Outcome: Make decisions about your marketing strategy based on the behaviour of real people 

Use Knowledge Of Customer Behaviour To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget

To get the most out of your marketing budget, you should utilise your knowledge of customer behaviour. Business owners can define their marketing strategies by measuring visitor numbers, dwell time and engagement rates to evaluate the work and plan for future activities. 

These different factors can help to decide how a budget is spent. For instance,  by knowing certain things about how users behave, you can cut spending on your marketing budget on advertising aspects of your event that people didn’t interact with. When you know how people behaved, you can deduce exactly what they enjoyed.

The Outcome: Your marketing budget is spent precisely to get the most from your investment.

Refine Your Picture of Who Your Customer Is Based On Their Real-Life Behaviour

The majority of marketing strategies are based on building a picture of who the customer is. Online businesses have the advantage of being able to do this using digital analytics about who is browsing and buying from them.

Events on the other hand can pull more limited customer data. For example, the extent of what you know might be that a stall took in a certain amount of money, but you wouldn’t know who the customer is or how they interacted before or after purchase. 

EX Sensors are GDPR compliant, meaning they don’t give out any information about who the customer is based on their phone. However, the sensors can offer information about where they go and what they interact with. This can help you find patterns that confirm who your customer is, what they enjoy, and what they don’t enjoy. 

In turn, this can help you build a more accurate picture of who you are marketing to, and refine your marketing efforts.


The Outcome: You use how your customers interact with your event to get inside their behaviours and understand them better

You Can Test & Learn New Strategies With Real Customers

Sometimes situations arise where a business may be considering a change in direction. For instance, a new product or campaign. Spending on this new direction can feel like a big risk, but EX Sensors allow businesses to measure performance.

Measuring footfall to the area containing a new product, for instance, could measure whether people interact with it and how people interact with it before the business decides to commit fully.

EX Sensors can help to feed future marketing strategies, because businesses can tailor their event content, products and even its messaging to specific people, rather than just hoping for the best. 

The Outcome: You future-proof your business by learning exactly how to improve your business & marketing strategy

Ready To See How Ex Sensors Can Get The Best From Your Marketing Strategy?

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Please reach out to our expert team,  or give us a call at 0203 982 0997, and we’ll get the process started for you, discussing how EX Sensors can work for you in your events. 

Don’t Stop There – Find The Right Experiential Event Tracking Tool For You

  • People Coordinates – People Coordinates gives you the next level in footfall analytics. See the precise movements of visitors and how they interact with your space.
  • Apex Monitor – The Apex monitor counts individuals within a clearly defined space. Monitor entry and exit points and live footfall counts in any size space starting from 1m².
  • Dashboard – Access real-time insights with our event engagement Dashboard. Footfall, engagement, dwell time, and more – all at the touch of a button.

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