If you’ve spent time, money, manpower, and energy on running an event, it makes sense you’d want to understand how well the event has gone, right?

Event technology is a growing sector, and the tech is improving all the time. Traditionally, putting on events was a painfully manual process. Attendees were invited from personal Rolodexes, and any feedback had to be gathered manually and relied on these busy attendees giving up their time to do event organisers and venues a favour.

Today, event invites can be sent out to thousands of key players in minutes, and event technology gives you a massive amount of data both in real-time and after an event. This reduces the need for in-person feedback, while also significantly improving the quality of event data.

At Exposure Analytics, we’re passionate about helping our clients understand exactly how successful their events have been, improving their ROI, and getting the most out of all of their events. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is Event Technology, and How Can it Help Measure Event Success?

Event technology is a fairly broad term, and there are event technologies for a whole host of different purposes:

  • Event engagement tools – Live tools designed to engage attendees include mobile apps, in-session polls and Q&As, social media integrations and more.
  • Event management technology – This includes things like ticketing and registration, access management, and contact management.
  • Event marketing tools – Primarily focused on the run-up to an event, this technology for marketing events includes things like email marketing tools, personalised registration flows, and UTM links.
  • Onsite tools – These tools help make life simple for attendees and include onsite tech services like self-check-in kiosks and badge printing.
  • Event intelligence tools – Both during and after the event, get valuable, deep data about attendee engagement and cross-event analytics. This is where Exposure Analytics can help you.

Event intelligence tools can give you insights during an event but are also incredibly valuable after an event to help you understand what went well, what didn’t get as much engagement as you hoped, and how attendees moved around and interacted with different stands or displays at your event.

Why Measure Event Success?

Understand your ROI

Events can be expensive, but for many businesses, they’re a vital part of a marketing strategy. With event success measuring, you can easily see the parts of your event that were engaging, successful and likely to make you money, and the ones that weren’t. With Exposure Analytics, you can make this easily digestible to present to senior stakeholders, helping you get your message across.

Make Improvements for Next Time

Event technology can tell you a huge amount about how people have interacted with your event, the areas that interested them, how they moved around the event layout, and often most importantly, where they stopped and stared versus where they skimmed over. This allows you to take learnings into your next events and apply them for increased engagement and, ultimately, create better events for your attendees.

Build Trusted Customer Relationships

While data and event technology can do a huge amount of the legwork involved in measuring event success, there is something to be said for good old-fashioned feedback. 

Asking your attendees for feedback can be a drawn-out process, and it might feel redundant with all the tech at your fingertips. However, the qualitative data attendees can offer about their experience at an event, how it made them feel, and their personal takeaways from the event can make them feel highly engaged and likely to return in the future.

Exposure Analytics’ Event Analytics Solutions

Exposure Analytics is one of the world’s leading event analytics solution providers. Our state-of-the-art Dashboard tool integrates with all of our different hardware options to accurately capture data from events and then create custom reports so you can see the metrics that matter to you, when they’re important.

Apex is our unique footfall tracking tool that gives you incredibly accurate insights into how attendees are moving around your events or displays. As well as capturing data from events, Apex can also be used to understand customer patterns anywhere customers move around a space, including retail stores, venues, and supermarkets. 

People Coordinates is a footfall-tracking tool that gives you deep insights into what people are looking at, where they’re heading, and what piques their interest!

EX Sensor technology uses anonymised wifi signals from personal devices to help capture metrics like footfall, engagement rates, dwell times, and flow routes. Combined with the Exposure Analytics Dashboard, your team can access heatmaps and flow routes, as well as get all of this data clearly presented to you, making it easy to justify planning decisions from your events, and identify areas to change in future events.

Still curious about our industry-leading event analytics technology? Take a look at our FAQ section to get the answers to some common questions we hear.

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