In this event case study, we’ll look at Event Tech Live (ETL) 2022, one of the most unique business conferences in the world. ETL is an extremely successful event and is the only event portfolio dedicated to current event technology.

At Exposure Analytics, our implementation teams have a wealth of experience within the events industry, attending ETL every year with great success.

See how we got on at the 2022 iteration of the event here.

The Challenge: Ensuring Success at Event Tech Live

Attending a major event like Event Tech Live and ensuring success is a challenging task, even though our experienced team are seasoned event planners. Over the past eight years, we’ve hosted over 8000 events across the world, drawing on our collective experience to prepare a successful display at ETL 2022.

There are many aspects to consider when planning an event exhibition, from planning all the way through to staging the event itself. In 2022, we displayed our award-winning events technology, delivering sophisticated analytics tech to the world.

Capturing the attention of event attendees and ensuring audience engagement is a major priority, and one that can fail if not carried out correctly. We wanted to show off our amazing tech in an attention grabbing way, whilst also ensuring attendees went home with our solutions in mind.

We were also conscious of the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic had hindered the event world, and wanted to ensure this disruption did not dissuade visitors from attending this amazing event.

The Solution: Advanced Solutions & Award-Winning Technology

In order to achieve the best results and optimum audience reach, our friendly team made in-depth preparations before arrival, ensuing success throughout the day. We displayed our award-winning tech to the world and had genuine community engagement across the board.

We were also nominated for the ‘Best use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection’ at the Event Technology Awards. We always ensure our new tech is ready for release, conducting thorough tests to ensure everything is working correctly before the release date.

Naturally, we were certain that our tech was good enough to compete at the Event Technology Awards. However, there is a lot of work that goes into an event awards ceremony. It’s important to be as prepared as possible, even if we are unsuccessful.

Because of this, we put together a detailed acceptance speech and made arrangements for either eventuality. It’s an honour just to be nominated, and awards ceremonies are also a fantastic place for networking and showing off our tech, so further preparations also had to be made for these tasks.

Our Award Nominations: An In-Depth Review

This year, we had two innovative pieces of events technology on show, both of which were shortlisted for the ‘Best use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection’ award.

Whilst we can’t elaborate on the exact details of each client due to client confidentiality, we are able to discuss the innovative tasks we carried out for them via the use of our advanced tools and technology.

The first entry was for work with an agency and their pharmaceutical client at a prestigious medical conference. For this client, we captured a wide range of data insights using our EX sensors, including:

  • The total number of visitors to the stand area at the ASH 21 event (held in the USA)
  • How many of those visitors in the stand area stopped to find out more about the client
  • How long the average dwell time was for each visitor

This data allowed us to track fluctuations in visitor numbers to different areas of our client’s stand, as well as how they varied throughout the day. This information is particularly beneficial at predicting footfall and engagement at events. It’s also useful for calculating where and when the agency client can best target their efforts to gain conversions and traffic.

Our second awards entry recognised the work we conducted for an agency representing a large gaming company at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. This is a flagship event for the gaming industry, considered by many to be one of the major events for the sector each year.

Our client wanted to understand several things about how visitors interacted with all parts of their stand, including:

  • The length of time people spend in the stand area, including dwell time at the stand itself
  • Which areas of the stand were the most popular, and which areas people stayed at the most
  • How well used the small booths the client provided for event attendees were – these booths were added as areas where visitors could gain expert advice from the employees of the gaming company
  • Where the ideal spot for viewing the main screen on the stand was, and how long people spent in this area

When working with this agency, we were able to provide real-time information and metrics, which can be used for planning and improving future events. To ensure the success of our data and tech offerings, we worked proactively with the client, effectively engaging with them from start to finish to incorporate our technology into their stand.

Some companies would be happy to just add their technology to the finished stand once completed, but at Exposure Analytics, we always go the extra mile, helping our clients with every aspect of their display. This meant that when the sensor placement was added to each stand, it was designed to produce the best analytics and data insights imaginable.

Our technology more than met each client’s objectives, giving them the exact numbers of visitors entering each area. In both cases, our products also showed a range of other insights and trends across each day, as well as the entire event. This information was available in real time for the client and our team to view, as well as for post event evaluation and future planning for recurrent events.

Both clients were extremely happy with the results, and it was a pleasure to be nominated for an award for our work.

The Results: Enhanced Event Management Success

Due to careful planning and engaging work with our clients, we won the Event Technology Award for ‘Best use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection’.

This is the fifth year in a row that we have won an award within this particular category, making it our 7th win at the Event Technology Awards in total. Our clients were also pleased with the work we carried out leading up to our award nomination, showing that we are an extremely customer orientated company.

We are incredibly proud to have won this award, and it shows how skilled our events planning team is.

We were also successful with our display at Event Tech Live, managing to improve audience engagement and audience retention throughout the event. Our team hit a major milestone at ETL 2000, as this was the 5000th event we’ve curated, and we’re pleased to say it was a complete success.

Some of the data insights we managed to collect include:

  • Visitor counts for unique and repeat attendees
  • Visitor dwell time
  • Audience traffic flow around the venue and at specific stands
  • Peak periods of footfall
  • Conversion rate of passing and engaged traffic
  • Busy vs quieter areas of the space, as well as how this changed over the course of the day
  • Precise visitor movements around a defined area

We were able to map the entire visitor journey with our People Coordinates tech, creating useful insights for future stands.

Whilst we were worried about the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the events community, we found that footfall and engagement were greater than expected at ETL 2022. Whilst visitor numbers weren’t quite as high as they were at pre-covid events, the quality of visitors had improved, with greater engagement times and dwell times noted across the board.

We also gained a lot of leads during our time at ETL 2022, networking with many of our event industry peers to show off our vision and tech solutions to the world.

Inspiring Events With Unforgettable Results

Event Tech Live is one of the most dominant events in our calendar, and for good reason! As such a major event in our community, we ensure event attendance every year, showing the strengths of our innovative and advanced products to potential clients.

ETL 2022 was another successful endeavour, enabling us to build on our personal and business experiences throughout the day. Winning a prestigious award also shows our strengths as a major business within the events industry. As many businesses are still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, we feel that our success at ETL 2022 is certainly something to be proud of.

Event Tech Live will stay a firm fixture in our yearly calendar – the next conference will be held in London in November this year. If you’d like to see how Exposure Analytics can help you with your event needs, we will be happy to help. As well as providing useful data and insights with our advanced technology, we can also help you with many other aspects of the event industry.

To speak to a member of our dedicated team about an event you’re planning, please contact us here.