If you’re looking for the best way to get insights into how your business has performed at an exhibition or trade show, Exposure Analytics has the tools you need. After seeing the need for accurate footfall analytics for live events, we’ve dedicated the last decade to creating innovative technology that helps bridge the gap. 

Our Tools That Harness Live Data That Speaks Volumes

Exhibitions and trade shows are crucial experiential events for brands. However, it can be frustrating to not be able to harvest the same insights as you can online. That’s why we’ve developed a range of tools that monitor visitors to your event, giving you data-privacy compliant metrics to reflect on and learn from. This ranges from simple people counters through to heat maps and tracking for visitor routes and flow. 

Get to know the range, below.

EX Sensors

Using wifi signals from visitors’ mobile phones, our EX Sensors capture valuable information about how your visitors move around your exhibition or trade show. This all-important data is captured in a totally data-compliant manner

Footfall analytics outputs from EX sensors include:

  • Flow routes – Work out exactly how people move around your space to perfect their experience of your brand   
  • Heat maps – See where your visitors are concentrated to find out exactly what’s working for you 
  • Dwell times – Find out how long visitors spend at crucial points of your live event to gauge interest and future investment 

People Coordinates

People Coordinates allows you to get to grips with how visitors move around your space. Tracking and analysing visitor footfall to understand exactly how they interact with your stall or stand during an event to provide valuable live data for your events. In particular, dwell times from people coordinates can be a useful metric for getting inside the heads of your customers.


Apex is a people counter sensor that detects people who walk under these particular sensors, rather than using wifi. The ideal position for an Apex monitor is usually at the entry or exit point of your booth or stall, to track the number of people in attendance. 

  • Place Apex monitors at strategic points 
  • Draw zones of 1m²+ and count the people within them
  • Get a comprehensive picture of the number of attendees at your live event via our footfall people counter

Live Data Displayed in One Simple Dashboard

Get insights that help to refine your presence at exhibitions, delivered in one customisable dashboard. From here, business decisions can be backed up by hard data, rather than guesswork. Understanding your audience is a valuable currency that you can’t afford not to access if you want to truly personalise your offering to them.

No Expensive Upgrades

Once you’ve got access to our reporting Dashboard, you’ll benefit from continuous fine-tuning at no extra cost. Expect refinements to reporting and dashboard interface as well as updates to the nuts and bolts of the database operations that result in a smoother, faster user experience. From here, planning exciting activations for future exhibitions is made simple.    

Take the Guesswork Out of Event Data

If you’ve exhibited at live events before, you’ll know that they’re a brilliant touchpoint for interacting with customers. However, after the hustle and bustle of the event is over, your measurable outputs are often limited to sign-ups and sales. 

There’s a whole world of data you could be accessing with our live data solutions that can help you understand your audience better and have an enormous impact on your business. Here’s exactly how.

One Source of Truth for Footfall Analytics 

Don’t rely on estimates for counting visitors to experiential events. With sensor technology, you can gain a new, accurate insight into who is attending your event as well as other metrics which help you get under your visitor’s skin. Take a look at how Olympia eForce tackled visitor tracking at their exhibitions by using Exposure Analytics.   

Dig into Visitor Movements

Sometimes you need more than just to know how many people attended your event. You need insights into how they engaged. With heat maps, flow routes and dwell times you can know exactly what visitors spent the most time interacting with and what they didn’t. This is vital for iterating on your presence at future events. Insights provide a validation for what’s working and a springboard for what can be improved.  

Ready to Get Accurate Metrics from Your Exhibitions and Trade Events?

At Exposure Analytics, we’re experts at creating industry-leading sensor technology that gets to the heart of footfall analytics. We’re ready to open up a huge range of metrics from your exhibitions and live events that can change how you understand your visitors.  

If you’re ready to explore how live event sensor technologies can help you, reach out to our expert team,  or give us a call at 0203 982 0997. Alternatively, check out our FAQ section to get answers to frequently asked questions about our products.