Event technology is evolving all the time.

With an incredible variety of new, innovative tools at our fingertips, event analytics, management, and experiences are getting better and better every day!

At Exposure Analytics, we’re one of the world’s leading event analytics technology companies and we’re passionate about delivering new tech and tools that help you understand exactly how your events are performing, and how to get the most out of your event in the future.

To learn more about exciting new event technologies and how they can help you, keep reading or get in touch with our expert team!

Sustainability in Tech

Sustainability is a hot topic for many sectors, not just events. We all have to play our part to help the environment and reduce our impact where we can. For the events sector, this often looks like reducing physical waste in the form of paper and plastic.

Technology like QR codes and apps allow you to digitise a huge amount of documentation that might traditionally have been printed out, only to get thrown in the bin after an event. Digital copies of materials are also much harder to lose, and can be shared by delegates after an event.

Improved Accessibility

Accessibility for in-person and virtual events is so important, as it opens up your events to people who may not otherwise have had access to the event, or been able to get the most out of it. For many years, technology has supported people with different accessibility needs, and as event tech continues to develop, it’s fantastic to see it used to support people with disabilities and additional accessibility needs.

Accessibility for events comes in all kinds of formats. Whether it’s physical accessibility, hearing loops, or live CC and translations, event technology can be used in a myriad of ways to make events more accessible.

Personalised AI Usage in Events

AI is the hot topic on everyone’s lips. 

AI is being used in tech, medicine, construction, the creative industries, transportation, construction, and much more. AI can help event organisers to parse a huge amount of data quickly, identifying trends and breaking down statistics to give you strong, accurate and actionable insights

AI can also be used to quickly and effectively personalise a range of different event experiences, engaging attendees and beginning them into a bespoke, unique experience with your brand.

AI can’t do everything for your brand, but it can certainly do a lot of the heavy lifting. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

As well as AI, traditional event experiences can be enhanced using AR and VR.

Augmented reality uses tech to place generated visuals in a real-world environment, usually through a camera or screen. AR can help attendees contextualise real-world projects and engage them with the scale and scope of products.

VR uses entirely virtual means (often using headsets or 360° screens) to display projects, products, plans, spaces and more. VR can also be used to give attendees perspective on what locations look like, how production happens, and what to expect from completed projects. Again, this tech offers a way for organisations to engage their attendees in unique ways that would previously have been impossible.

Improved Event Analytics

Event analytics and monitoring is another area where innovative uses of event technology can really shine!

Historically, event analytics were difficult to implement unless you were relying on individual responses. With the introduction of innovative uses of technology though, concepts like footfall tracking, people co-ordinates, engagement rates, dwell times and more can be used to give events and marketing teams insights into how their event has performed, understand ROI, and improve for future events.

At Exposure Analytics we’re passionate about the importance of accurate, timely, easily digestible event analytics, helping our clients understand exactly how their attendees have interacted with their stands at events. As one of the world’s leading providers of event analytics technology, we offer a range of products to help our clients get all of the value event analytics can offer, in a simple, easily digestible format.

Exposure Analytics’ Event Analytics Solutions

Our state-of-the-art Dashboard tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with all of our different hardware options to accurately display all the data from your events. It then helps you consolidate this data and create custom reports showing you and your team all the vital information you need to make informed decisions about strategy, budget, and improvements for future events.

Our hardware options include:

Apex – Monitor occupancy rates, engagement times and more with Apex, a tool designed to track people within a defined space (for example, using entry and exit points).

People Coordinates – A unique footfall tracking tool, designed to give you live and historic insights into the way attendees move and stop around your events, venues, or displays.

EX Sensor – This piece of event analytics technology utilises anonymised Wi-Fi signals from devices to capture footfall metrics, engagement rates, dwell times, and flow routes, all while protecting user privacy.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of our expert team, or get started on your event analytics journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch online, or call us on 0203 982 0997