Have you noticed the rise of artificial intelligence event technology? If you’re in the events industry, there might be some handy innovations to consider for your own event business.

For ten years, Exposure Analytics has been dedicated to developing event tracking technology that provides data that helps event companies fine tune their operations. That’s why we’re always here with fresh insights into the events industry – including the rise of artificial intelligence event technology.

The influx of new AI innovations in recent years has meant that time-consuming and logistically difficult tasks in a whole range of industries have been cut down dramatically, including events. 

Sound appealing? Let’s get into exactly what AI event technology might offer you.  

How can artificial intelligence event technology benefit your events?

It’s an exciting time to be in the events industry, with new event technologies emerging all the time. We’ve rounded up some of the most actionable new artificial intelligence event technology for improving event experiences for customers and saving you time and resources in the planning and running of your events.

Reduced need for staffing

Many businesses task the easily answered queries that customers have to AI customer support. That way, customers have access to live human support if they need it but many common FAQs can be worked out with a chatbot. 

How can this work for events? AI help centres can be a good option for guiding attendees through your event space and chatbots can help give live support during events.

Using scanners with facial recognition to allow people entry into arenas is another use of AI event management technology that can save an enormous amount in gate staffing costs. 

Enhanced security

The same biometric scanning that allows facial recognition for entry to arenas can be leveraged by artificial intelligence event technology to keep venue spaces safe and secure

Large venues can be ’geo-fenced’, meaning that crowds are under constant surveillance to detect threats from individuals such as stalkers and terrorists. Other systems require buyers to upload a photo when purchasing tickets that can be cross-referenced against social media and watch lists. This unique threat detection and prevention technology is a game-changing innovation for large-scale events.

Predictive algorithms

If you host costly events, like an experiential event for instance, you’ll no doubt want as much feedback as possible to ensure that your investment pays off. In fact, gaining data from experiential events was one of the key reasons why we developed our own event analytics technology. We’ll touch more on that soon. One way that AI has started to play into this need for feedback which then informs future performance is through predictive analytics. 

This particular AI event management technology sees data from events such as attendance or stock used to power predictions for future events. Imagine having an accurate forecast of how many drinks to stock your bars with ahead of an event of a certain number of people for instance. You’d be able to have tighter control of resource allocation. That’s the power of predictive analytics.

Smart events management systems 

This is another smart way to manage your venue space using AI event technology. Venue management software is already a known quantity in the events industry but AI takes things up a notch.

These intelligent platforms can automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and provide real-time insights. From intelligent scheduling and resource allocation to dynamic floor plan optimisation, these systems can adapt to each individual event’s parameters to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

What does the future of AI in event technology hold?

The future of artificial intelligence event technology is extremely exciting and we’re constantly tracking new developments as analytic experts in the industry. Here are a few of our own predictions on what future event tech could hold:

  • Hyper-personalised events – Imagine an event that is hyper-personalised to each and every attendee. This could look like providing an app that attendees use before, during and after the event that provides real time information to them including information about which car park they should park in based on how full they are or personalised food suggestions in the venue based on preference and dietary requirements. It might even provide footage of the attendee from the event by using facial recognition. 
  • Real-time language translation – AI event technology has the power to break down language barriers instantly. Imagine real-time translation that attendees can access to feel closer to the action on the stage or with other attendees. 
  • Holographic AI hosts and presenters – We’ve all seen the enormous global success of ABBA Voyage where attendees pack out an enormous venue to see holographic presentations of the iconic band. The logical continuation of this new holographic technology is it becoming more readily accessible in smaller events. Picture being able to hire an AI holographic celebrity host for your event who can communicate in real-time with your guests. 

Make your event analytics smarter with event tracking tech 

While the rise in artificial intelligence event technology provides some innovative new solutions, it’s worth noting that a lot of this tech is still very new and therefore can be prohibitively expensive unless you’re a large-scale events provider like an arena. One thing you can count on and implement immediately is Expose Analytics’ event tracking tracking technology

Our event sensor technology provides historic and real-time data from your events using sensors that have been developed over the last ten years, making us trusted veterans in the event tracking industry. 

Here are some of the metrics you could gain access to in order to optimise your venue space and improve your attendee experience right from the word go:


Want to gain access to precisely how visitors move through your event space?

Footfall analytics can give you useful insights into high footfall areas and help you to map out optimised routes through your events. 

The Exposure Analytics solution: People Coordinates

Engagement & heat maps

Have you ever considered that attendees already own technology that could help you map exactly where they go within your event on an individual basis? That’s right: mobile phones. Using completely anonymised data from mobile Wi-Fi signals, you can find out exactly which parts of your event users are engaging with and create personalised heat maps to see what’s working and what can be improved on.

The Exposure Analytics solution: EX Sensors


How many people visit the new photo booth you’re trialling at your event? Or eat at your new food vendor? Find out exactly how many people visit a confined space by tracking entry and exit points.

The Exposure Analytics solution: Apex

Sound interesting? speak to our expert team, or call us on 0203 982 0997. For answers to common questions about our unique event tracking technology take a look at our FAQ section.