If you’re considering how best to optimise venue space, you’re in the right place.

As event tracking specialists, Exposure Analytics is here to help you understand what makes your event tick, including exclusive insights into our cutting-edge event tracking technology can help you optimise venue spaces to make them irresistible. 

Whether you’re planning an experiential event of your own or you offer venue space hire out to the general public, these tips will help you make the most of your physical venue space in ways you might have considered. After all, with the costs of event space it’s important to ensure a return on your investment by as many means as possible.

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Invest in Smart Technology & Automation 

Take the time to consider whether smart technology could help to automate processes that otherwise might be time or energy-consuming. Here are some useful ways that these features could help you optimise your venue space:

  • Automated lighting is a smart choice, especially in spaces where lights might get left on but not necessarily used by anybody for extended periods of time, such as toilets and storage spaces. This can help cut down on the energy costs of running a large event venue.
  • IoT devices can take the manual work out of adjusting temperature and lighting in your venue space based on metrics gleaned from sensors such as air temperature and occupancy. That way visitors will be kept comfortable and energy costs tightly controlled. 
  • Smart lighting can be a brilliant investment in multiple-use areas to optimise venue space for its particular use at any given time. Picture lighting that can be dimmed for evening events, shone brightly as a spotlight on a key-note speaker or automatically turned off when nobody is using the room. All of this is made possible and simple with smart lighting solutions.
  • Automated ticketing barriers can be a blessing for larger venue spaces like arenas and halls as they remove the need for (and expense of) a vast ticketing staff on the doors. 
  • Digital signage means that you won’t need to produce bespoke signs for  every event. Simply input the name of that day’s event to quickly let guests know where to go.

Embrace Multi-Functional Spaces

Make the most of your venue space hire by serving multiple purposes to as many different types of events as possible.

By creating adaptable rooms with flexible furniture configurations, you can accommodate a wide range of events in your venue space from conferences to product launches to networking events. Modular furniture, collapsible staging and room dividing panels can help you transform your venue space in a flash.

This all works to give you much-needed versatility in the style of events you can put on. Footfall analytics can help you find the best flow paths which can then determine the best layout for different types of events.

Leverage Outdoor Spaces

Why limit yourself to the indoors if you have an outside space ready and waiting to utilise? After all, it could give you an edge over competitors and provide event clients with a dynamic outdoor space to enjoy basing their events. Think corporate Summer parties or champagne wedding receptions…  

Make sure to invest in weather-resistant furniture and overhead coverage such as retractable awnings to ensure that potential wet weather doesn’t rain off your event. Once you’ve covered these contingencies, you’re ready to market your outside areas as part of your venue space hire.

Partner with Local Businesses 

Tap into your network of local businesses to source various services that make your venue space more attractive and convenient to potential customers. Some examples include:

  • Restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Taxis
  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels 

All of these are services that someone might look to book at the same time as hiring a venue. By forming connections with reputable local businesses you can have this readily on hand for your clients’ convenience without having to have full-time in-house staff who provide this service.

Enhance Accessibility

Another key way to optimise venue space is to ensure that it’s as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Accessibility can be a key differentiator if a decision-maker is searching for an event space that allows someone with additional mobility needs. Implement this venue optimisation by ensuring your venue space’s entrances, exits and toilets are all accessible, as well as ensuring there’s good accessibility to any additional floors for those who cannot use stairs.

Integrate Sustainable Practices

Prioritising sustainability in your venue space optimisation efforts can pay dividends, both to the planet and in swaying potential clients to opt for your venue space. 

We know that sustainability is a key priority for customers, so why not capitalise on this preference and upgrade your green credentials? This might look like sourcing eco-friendly materials for your furniture, furnishings and event decor or implementing a comprehensive recycling programme for waste.

Install Event Tracking Technology 

Event tracking technology is your secret weapon when it comes to understanding exactly how attendees interact with your space. Take the guesswork out of whether your setup works or what the best flow paths are through your space with event tracking data.

Taking stock of your current setup is the crucial feedback you need in order to optimise venue space in a way that makes meaningful change. 

Exposure Analytics’ Event Analytics Solutions

If you’re ready to get stuck into your venue space optimisation, our suite of innovative event tracking tools awaits. 

Our comprehensive suite of event tracking sensors integrates seamlessly with Dashboard, our dynamic reporting tool. You can then create custom reports to show you whatever data you need to drill down into exactly how your venue space is performing.

Let’s get to know the powerful event tracking tools at your disposal when you use Exposure Analytics’ tech. 

Our collection:

Apex – Tracks the number of event visitors and occupancy rates within a defined space, allowing you to understand how many people attended your event.

People Coordinates – The tool offers a unique insight into how attendees move around your venue space by using footfall tracking sensors. This provides you with accurate metrics such as * to consider.

EX Sensor – This piece of event analytics technology tracks anonymised Wi-Fi signals from attendees’ mobile phones. That way you can capture key metrics about how your users move in real-time around your event space, including heat maps and dwell times.  

Check out an example of how heat maps can unlock insight into user behaviour in our Event Tech Live case study.

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