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    1 platform, 23 countries and over 1000 events!

    What a 2019 it has been for Exposure Analytics. Another packed year helping our customers make the most of their events, exhibitions and activations. We started our year at CES in January and then attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Event Production Show in London. A fantastic start to 2019 where we were able to support our clients and share our expertise with potential new customers. Clients asked us for extra detail about how their customers enter, exit and occupy an exhibition stand or activation, so in March we came up with a solution that does just that. Our new Apex system delivers precision footfall counting at events and exhibitions with 99 per cent accuracy over areas as small as one square metre. Apex counts individual people - fantastic for accurate footfall at events where children or others without wifi-enabled devices are around. We held our second successful Learning and Fine Dining event in April, taking the opportunity to share the latest in the event industry with a range of people from the sector – and, of course enjoy some great food in central London. We’ll be doing this again in early 2020, so get in touch if you’re interested in joining us. 2019 also saw us scoop some industry awards where, for the second year in a row, we picked up top spot in two categories at the Event Industry Awards event. They were Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection and Best use of Wireless [...]

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    Double award-winning event technology 

    We’re still buzzing from the Event Tech Awards where, for the second year in a row, we picked up top spot in two categories. They were Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection and Best use of Wireless Technology.  We were also shortlisted for three other awards this year: Best Technology Partnership with SaleStratus, Best use of technology at a Brand Event, and Best Venue Installation.                         Our technology provides clients with event analytics and as we continue to develop and improve what we offer, it is fantastic to see our work recognised in top industry awards.                 Thanks to all of our clients who supported us, especially those who provided testimonials for the entries.  These were just some of their comments: “The data generated was incredibly useful to help us to accurately assess our impact. The detailed picture of what attendees were interested in has allowed us to have open discussions internally about what to focus on in future.” “Detailed events analytics is the future for event technology”                         The awards rounded off a fantastic first day at Event Tech Live. Our Commercial Director Rob Murdoch was one of the speakers during the event.  We also welcomed some familiar clients and new faces (and potential customers!) to our stand. Our coffee bar was very popular and particularly busy on [...]

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    See you at Event Tech Live!

        We can't wait for this year’s Event Tech Live, and not just because we are shortlisted in five categories at the Event Technology Awards!   We’re looking forward to meeting attendees, providing free coffee, and giving away over £1000 worth of prizes. Our Commercial Director Rob Murdoch will be sharing his industry-leading knowledge on how to use event technology to give you the effective data you need and talking through the issue of Facial Recognition. Catch him on the Brand & Buzz stage on Wednesday 6th at 11.25 and again at 13.50. To be in with a chance of winning a prize all you need to do is drink a free coffee from our coffee bar in the Martech Zone. Then bring your 'smart cup' to our stand, number 1106, to see if you are a winner. While you are there, have a chat with one of our friendly team about how our technology to capture event analytics can help you to calculate return on marketing investment and some of our latest developments including Twitter integration. Keep your fingers crossed for us on the evening of 6th November. The Event Technology Awards take place after Day One of Event Tech Live. We’re short-listed for Best Technology Partnership with SaleStratus, Best Use of technology at Brand Event, Best Venue Installation, Best Use of Technology for Event Analytics, and Best use of Wireless Technology.  Thanks to all of our clients who helped us to finalise the entries. As part of our Best [...]

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    Using Data Effectively

    In preparation for recording my third podcast with Event Tech Live recently, I’ve been thinking about data effectiveness and how it’s improved over the past five years in the event tech industry. It has transformed how events are run and I’m proud of the part that our company has played in that. The data has always been there in abundance. It started at the door as you counted the footfall or the pre-registered visitors. The sign-in sheets gave you numbers as do the touchscreen points. Each stand ‘clicked in’ its visitors. The amount of data has never been a problem – it’s just that people didn’t use it in an effective way. I’m talking in the past tense, but it’s still widespread. Just recently I was at the IFA show in Berlin and visited the Samsung stand. Great stand, but with two people at the entrance using hand operated clickers to count visitors. The tech we provide captures more advanced data, but crucially presents it in a different way. Bosses used to scratch their heads over lists of figures in a spreadsheet, trying to work out whether this year’s show was better than last, and if the marketing budget is too high or too low. We’re now into the world of heatmaps and real-time data that provides information that can be interpreted effectively during the event as well as after the show. I’ve seen ‘Morning Prayers’ meetings on stands that analyse the visitor and dwell time data we provide – looking at [...]

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    Successful Summer Activations

    Successful Summer Experiential As summer draws to a close we wanted to look at some of the experiential activity that caught our eye over the last few months. 2LK - Cannes Where better to start than Cannes, a destination made for sunshine and memorable experiences.  2LK, one of the experiential agencies we work with, did an amazing job with over 30 separate activations!  These were the highlights   Hendrick's - Kings Cross Station Hendrick’s Gin are masters of experiential marketing. This summer, their agency Space, installed the world’s longest floor wrap as part of a 70-metre branded tunnel at King’s Cross Station featuring rose and cucumber scented posters.    View this post on Instagram   Escape the conventional and embrace the delectable | @HendricksGin x @AgencySpace | #AGENCYSpace #GoBeyond . . . . #Hendricks #HendricksGin #CreativeAgency #Advertising #AdvertisingAgency #OnlineAdvertising #Marketing #BrandStrategy #Creative #London #Culture #CreativeCulture #KingsCross #StPancras #HendricksPortals #LondonCreatives #Gin #Ginstagram #gintonic #ginlovers #cucumber A post shared by @ agencyspace on Jul 25, 2019 at 9:05am PDT Charities too have been harnessing the power of experiential to support their fundraising and awareness raising. Two examples we spotted were from Action Aid and the British Red Cross. They are bringing their campaigns to life with hard-hitting experiences. British Red Cross - Westfield The British Red Cross created a free immersive exhibition to bring the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, to Westfield Stratford City for one week. This exhibition allowed people to: experience the journey made by thousands of fleeing refugees [...]

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    Shortlisted for five Event Technology Awards

    We were so pleased to read the Event Technology Award shortlist, and are delighted to say that our sensor technology for event analytics has been shortlisted for five awards. They are: Best Technology Partnership with SaleStratus SaleStratus is a lead capture app used by exhibitors to easily save the details of people they meet. Combined with our visitor mapping software - the two technologies together offer a unique and comprehensive package for exhibitors and organisers. Best use of technology at a Brand Event Using our sensor technology on a multi-event tour helps our client to plan and evaluate their brand events, and they can be sure that their activities are delivering maximum return on investment for both their brand and their partners. Best Venue Installation The eBox service offered by eForce at Olympia London gives detailed event analytics using our sensor technology to capture visitor numbers and flow, dwell times, engagement rates and heat maps.  The system is quick to install and the analytics can be accessed in real-time and feed directly into eForce’s own portal. Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection Client view: "The data generated was incredibly useful to help us to accurately assess our impact. The detailed picture of what attendees were interested in has allowed us to have open discussions internally about what to focus on in future." Best use of Wireless Technology Our client's main objectives were to get accurate footfall figures for their stand, dwell times and engagement rates, assess which zones were [...]

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    How to use event analytics to improve your brand experience

    Brand experiences are now a central part of a successful marketing strategy. Budgets for experiential marketing continue to grow, even when other areas are experiencing cut backs according to IPA Bellwether and econsultancy. Event Marketer also reveal that one third of consumers have paid an admission fee to attend a brand experience or event.  Recently Volvic announced their most expensive experiential campaign ever, just one of the many brands increasing the proportion of their budget that they devote to experiential activity. This amounts to millions of pounds of investment. So, how do companies ensure a good return on that investment and continually improve their brand experiences? Historically marketers have struggled to effectively measure events and experiences beyond anecdotal evidence or gut instinct. Compared with other marketing channels, particularly digital, events have been behind the curve. This is because the tools haven’t been readily available to objectively measure experiential in the same way. But a live event analytics revolution is underway, one that is delivering marketers with the data they need to measure and improve the success of events and activations. Exposure Analytics are leading the way in live event analytics with our award-winning sensor technology that’s fully GDPR compliant. How can live event analytics help you? Start early What are your event objectives? Once you have set these you can work out what data you need to be able to measure your success and use that evaluation to plan and improve in future. This isn’t always about the big numbers and events [...]

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    Learning and Fine Dining – Part two

    Our second Learning and Fine Dining event was a huge success. Some fantastic guest speakers and an amazing meal made it a day to remember. We heard from Adam Parry in conversation with James Dickson first, discussing how Event Tech Live uses Exposure Analytics to make the best use of their exhibition space, ensure there are no ‘bad’ locations for stands, and use the data in real time to get exhibitors rebooking.  He explained that as an organiser of a really busy event he can’t be everywhere on the day, and the data is vital to get the full picture of what’s happening. Adam showed a heat map from 2018s Event Tech Live generated by Exposure Analytics data. It revealed just how well used the space was, following significant layout changes over the five year history of the event.   Emotional Engagement Dr James Morgan then spoke about the importance of emotional engagement; how the way attendees feel about an experience creates positive or negative memories which can lead to behaviour change. Positive emotional experiences can prompt someone to buy a product or change their way of thinking. He went on to explain the importance of story-telling and the need for authentic stories to be built in to the design of an event or experiential activity. Emotional Engagement - How attendees feel about the live experience   Phil McCluskey talked about the work of the Prince’s Trust and how they helped him to turn his life around, including Rob’s work as his [...]

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    Five steps to improving your customers’ experience with event analytics

    A 2018 survey found that the most exciting opportunity for Chief Marketing Officers is optimising their customer and brand experience (Understanding Customer Engagement by emarketer, May 2018). A key area for developing brand experience is in the experiential space. To be able to optimise experiences you need to understand how best to measure and enhance them so that you can make data-driven decisions. Traditionally CMOs have struggled to find the right technology to evaluate experiential marketing, but there are solutions that will bridge this gap and provide digital analytics for physical events. Here are five steps you can take to improve your customers’ experience 1. Define Good The first step to success is to understand what we need to measure. This is based on your brand or agency’s overall objectives. Therefore organisations assess marketing performance in these broad categories: Revenue growth Increase in individual sales of a product or service Increase in customer lifetime value Positive customer sentiment and feedback   2. Identify The Metrics That Matter Marketers need to track the behaviours that will help them to achieve their overall goals. These can be broken down into three broad categories. Exposure Customers and potential customers need to be aware of your business, your products and your services. So the first thing we need to measure is who saw your brand or who had the chance to see it? Engagement This is an early indication of favourability. Once your target audience is aware your business exist you want them to develop a [...]

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