Our award-winning event analytics technology hit its 5,000th event.

Over the last eight years, our sensors have captured data for brands, agencies, event and exhibition organisers to help them to evaluate the success of their activities.

Around the world event professionals and marketers have been able to see real time visitor data including footfall, dwell times, engagement rates, flow routes, and more thanks to EX Sensors, Apex, and most recently People Coordinates sensors.

The 5,000 events span 35 countries and multiple continents, for brands and companies in gaming, healthcare, the auto industry, sports and FMCG. We also work with retailers, including those based in airports.

  • The technology has evolved over time, originally running off the 3G network.
  • It was first used at International Confex is 2014
  • Our first events in the US were the CounterPoint Music Festival, followed by the Frieze Arts Fair in New York, and the Lollapalooza Festival.
  • The first 4G sensor event was for Nike React at Barge House in London.
  • The most sensors installed at one event was 63 at the Goodwood Festival in 2017.
  • Recently we used our sensors at an event in Africa for the first time.
  • Our event analytics technology has won six Event Technology Awards in the last four years.

The 5,000th event was this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. We worked with multiple clients there, as well as the organisers to measure visitor numbers in particular locations, engagement rates, and dwell times. It was amazing to see the event back to full capacity and the numbers for our clients were brilliant.

Michelle Horn, Project Director said: “Here at TRO we’ve been working with Exposure Analytics for a couple of years now, and the data and insight they provide is amazing. It is hugely helpful when we are evaluating the work that we do for clients.

“As part of our work with BMW, we’ve used the sensors at their flagship event, the Wentworth PGA tournament. They really like the figures we can report on. It’s great to be able to really dig into how people interacted with the stands and experiences that we create for them. For example the length of time visitors engage with our team on our stands We also use the analytics to help us to plan for future events and experiences.

“We’re delighted to be the 5000th event to use this fantastic technology, again on behalf of BMW, at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.”

Our Managing Director, Rob Murdoch, said: “After the difficulties of the last couple of years and Covid disruption, we are absolutely delighted to reach this milestone. We really feel that events are back to their best. We’re busier now than we were pre-Covid. A big trend we’re seeing is that although visitor numbers aren’t as high as pre-Covid, the quality of those visitors is better than ever. We’re seeing increased engagement rates and dwell times when we compare the data from pre and post-Covid events. Thanks so much to the team for all their hard work over the last eight years, here’s to the next 5000 events!

“Over time we’ve vastly improved our technology so we can now give clients the most detailed set of data so they can truly understand exactly how visitors interact with their event or activation. We’ve built up some fantastic long term relationships with clients and can work with them to improve their events month on month or year on year, helping them to make decisions about where they exhibit, which cities or countries they choose for their experiential marketing, “ he added.

Exposure Analytics now employs nine people, supporting an average of 30 events per weekend, and five per weekday.

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