Historically our technology has been used to measure visitor numbers and behaviour. We’ve helped the creators of memorable experiences and events to demonstrate high numbers of guests, good engagement rates and long dwell times. That’s still the case for many of our clients who want to understand how their audience is interacting with their work. But we have also been working with venues and companies who need to make sure that their premises aren’t overcrowded particularly while Covid is still an issue.


Measure your success

So this year, if you are organising large scale events, exhibitions, or experiential activations and need to be able to measure visitor numbers, dwell time and engagement rates to evaluate your work and plan for future activities, we can help.  We’ve recently worked with  a major technology company on a series of activation around the UK. We helped them to analyse the impact of their work and assess which locations attracted the most visitors and engagement. 


Keep people safe

Or if you need to keep a close eye on keeping visitor numbers within a set occupancy limit, or make sure people are evenly spread around your venue, our analytics technology can help. The data is available in real-time and can be accessed remotely.


Flexible lead-in times

We know that plans are changing rapidly at the moment. We’ll be as flexible as we can with lead-in times and helping to make sure you can evaluate the impact of your work with our award-winning technology.


For help to analyse your visitor numbers, footfall analytics, dwell times, engagement rates and more please get in touch.