It was fantastic to see more and more in-person events return in 2022 and that trend looks set to continue in 2023. But a review of the data from our clients, showed a changing picture of visitor behaviour in 2022.  It’s more important than ever to be able to capture accurate data on visitor numbers and behaviour so that you can assess the return on marketing investment of events, exhibitions, and experiential activities. 

Our award-winning technology has been used to help creators of memorable experiences and events to demonstrate how visitors interact with their work.  The insights help evaluation as well as future planning and budgeting.

Since I’ve been integrating the technology into the event, I’ve been able to use the insights to develop a more interactive customer experience, manage staffing across the stand more effectively and build a robust ROI report following the event, which has secured budget for future years. From the moment I logged into the online dashboard for the first time, I knew that the technology would enable me to provide total justification of expenditure to the rest of the business.”   

Rebecca Pell, Marketing Communications Manager.

Measure your success

This year, if you are organising large scale events, exhibitions, or experiential activations you need to measure:

  • visitor numbers, 
  • dwell time, 
  • flow routes, 
  • and engagement rates 

to evaluate your work and plan for future activities.  We can help! We’ve now deployed our technology at more than 5,500 events all around the world. Our exisiting clients can now compare data year-on-year data from repeat events and, for multi-city activations easily see which locations attracted the most visitors and engagement. 

Keep people safe

Our technology isn’t just used to help those who are looking for maximum engagement and dwell times. If you need to  ensure visitor numbers stay within a set occupancy limit, or make sure people are evenly spread around your venue, our analytics technology can help. The data is available in real-time and can be accessed remotely. 

Flexible lead-in times

We know that plans can change quickly so we try to be as flexible as we can with lead-in times.

With the right analytics technology, you can gather valuable insights and data on visitor numbers, flow routes, dwell times, engagement rates and more to help you to make a business case for your budget and enhance future events. 

Let us help you get started. Contact our team to book a demo.