So who’s devices are most popular at Mobile World Congress? Our Exposure sensors were on a number of stands at this year’s event (in partnership with Gruve consultancy) and one of our reports includes  the breakdown of devices detected.

The dataset covers 17,000 unique devices, this is the report for this year’s event.

It comes as no surprise that Apple still come out on top but we can infer from the data that Android probably has the biggest share by operating system. Samsung remain the next biggest single vendor, a pattern that we see replicated at events across the world. LG beat out the rest to claim 3rd place and the biggest surprise to us was Huawei beating HTC.

You’ll see that we have some ‘Unknown’ devices, these are devices we have detected that are not included in the current IEEE MAC Vendor database. The ‘Other’ devices are the aggregate of those vendor’s devices that have less than 1% share of the total each.

For comparison, here’s a recent report from a public shopping space in London.

The Exposure analytics platform is primarily used to measure physical engagement and conversion for our clients marketing activity at events across the world. Did any of this data surprise you? Let us know in the comments, or use our contact form to speak to a member of Exposure Analytics today.