Exposure Analytics founder Rob Murdoch was a guest on the Event Industry News podcast recently.

He spoke to podcast host, James Dickson, about:

  • Our work at over 1,000 events with brands and agencies
  • How stand holders can evaluate their performance at events
  • How we measure engagement levels of activation, stands, and events
  • How to decide if you should return to an event or exhibition
  • How to know if you’ve got the right stands and layout at your event or exhibition

Watch or listen here:

Rob discussed how Exposure Analytics has developed accurate means to measure the interaction and dwell time of attendees at events. In an increasingly digital world where marketing managers can measure likes, clicks, shares, time spent on websites, email open rates, and so much more, the technology offered by the company is now helping to bridge the analytical data gap at physical events. Using discreet receivers that are able to pick up on the constant ‘pings’ that are sent out by mobile devices when searching for a network, Exposure Analytics is able to identify how many devices are within the range of the receiver unit. Once they have been detected, the system then measures how long that device – and thus the person – remain in that location. The resulting information provides footfall data, movement flows around a stand, event, or festival, as well as dwell time and engagement rates for experiential activity. All the data that is generated is completely anonymous, with no personal information captured.

The Event Industry News podcast is well worth listening to for any event professionals, marketing managers, and conference organisers.