We all know that  the weather can have a huge impact on plans and the success of activities. That’s why we’ve introduced weather information to our analytics platform.  This makes it much easier for clients to compare events year on year, or day by day.

It make sense that an outdoor event will be quieter in torrential rain than on a warm summer’s day, but capturing the weather information along side footfall and engagement rates will make it easier to analyse just what impact the weather has, and help explain fluctuations in visitor numbers.

We already enable event and conference organisers, as well as brands and agencies who deliver experiential activity to measure accurate footfall, flow, dwell times and engagement rates, as well as sentiment of those looking at a stand or activation.

Unfortunately we can’t do anything to improve the weather, but we can make sure it doesn’t affect the evaluation of activations.

The weather data for the past three years has also been added to the platform so existing clients can compare this year’s events with previous years.