Exposure Analytics is celebrating a milestone, having completed 1000 events for our clients.  In just four years we’ve helped hundreds of companies to measure the impact of their events, activations and exhibitions.

From festivals attracting over 100,000 visitors to product launches, shopping centre activations, and major exhibitions, we provide the data organisers need to determine if their event or activity was a success.

Our first event was International Confex in 2014.  The first time you do anything as a new business it’s stressful. Our debut was no different, but we’ve learned a huge amount since then. Now whether we’re supporting clients in San Francisco, Scotland, or Abu Dhabi we know exactly what we need to do, from getting the number of sensors right, to checking the configuration, and analysing the data during and after the event, we’ve got it covered.

One thing that has also changed is the pace at which we work, having taken four years to hit the 1000 event milestone, we expect we’ll hit 2000 within another year.  More and more companies, whether they sell on or off line are investing in experiences.  The most recent IPA Bellwether Marketing Report shows the continued investment in brand experiences. We think Patrick Reid has got it spot on with his response to the latest figures:

“Patrick Reid – CEO EMEA Imagination:
“It’s great to see the trend of continually increased investment in brand experience events maintained for 19 consecutive quarters. The most effective brand experiences are those which are integrated with other Marketing channels that have also shown solid growth in the Bellwether Report, including social and digital. ”

— IPA Bellwether Marketing Report 2018

Imagination are just one of the agencies we’ve worked with, helping them to evaluate their clients experiential activity. We look forward to providing more brands and agencies with digital analytics at our next 1000 events. We’ve currently got enquiries in from Canada and India so will be expanding the global reach of Exposure Analytics too.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through the first 1000 events. Here’s to many more.  If you’d like to be one of them, please get in touch.