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    Aperture uses facial and mood detection software to determine the demographic profile and sentiment of your audience without interrupting their experience.

    Gather unique metrics about the movement and engagement of your visitors

    Simple Approach

    Take your event and experience
    analytics to the next level with our
    easy install sensors, simple to use
    interface and reporting tools that
    do all the hard work for you.

    Engagement Tracking

    Use our sensor system to assess
    your event’s success by tracking
    the number of visitors who interact
    with your brand and their dwell
    times at your experience.

    Data Accuracy

    Our footfall counting feature
    accurately measures how many
    unique and repeat visitors attend
    your brand’s space during your

    Deeper Insights

    Understand which demographics
    have engaged with your brand,
    their emotional responses and
    even if the weather had an impact
    on your event.

    Secure Information

    Although our technology can
    detect complex facial
    expressions, it’s completely
    anonymous and doesn’t store
    personal information.

    Improve ROMI

    Use insights from the captured
    data to help justify your
    expenditure, secure future budgets
    and improve your Return On
    Marketing Investment.

    Powering experiences through insight

    Measure the success of
    your events and experiences
    with our simple to install and
    easy to use intelligent sensor

    Optimise your event or
    experience based on real
    time insights, from staffing
    levels to prime placement of
    your latest products.

    Reflect on the insights from
    your event and report back
    to your wider team with
    confidence in the accuracy of
    your data.



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