Experiences that worked in 2018 and planning for 2019

It's been another fascinating and busy year for the experiential marketing industry. Once again we've been delighted to play a key role in helping agencies and brands to evaluate the success of their experiences and events.

Making the most of your marketing budget

The most recent IPA Bellwether report is a mixed picture; it shows that once again total marketing budgets have grown but at their slowest rate for around 3 years. This means that it's more important than ever to make the most of your budget and to be able to evaluate the impact of all marketing activities.  We can provide digital analytics for physical events to help to make that possible.

Having hit the 1000 event milestone earlier this year after four years in business; six months later we've now surpassed 2000. Our sensors have captured data on behalf of clients in the US, Canada, all across Europe, the Far East and recently in Australia too. All of that data and our experience is channelled to provide insight to our clients, helping them to understand the results from their events and activations. This year more than ever we’ve been working with brands and agencies on an ongoing basis, from event to event and year on year. We've helped them to build up a picture of what's working well, what might need changing and capturing the data to enable them to make decisions about where to spend their budget in 2019.

Success in 2018
For us, however you evaluate it, 2018 couldn't have been better. One of the highlights of our year is always Event Tech Live. This year the event spanned two days for the first time with the Event Technology Awards on the middle evening. Well, this made for a few sore heads on the second day, but we were absolutely delighted to walk away with not one but two awards. It's a real measure of how we have grown and developed and the added value that were providing our clients. Just this week we heard that we had made the semi-final of the KPMG 2019 Best British Tech Startup Awards. So fingers crossed 2019 continues in the same path as 2018. We're off to a judging panel at the end of January to find out whether will get to pitch in the final at Mobile World Congress in February.

A fantastic night at the Event Technology Awards. Thanks to Splento for the amazing photographs.

A fantastic night at the Event Technology Awards. Thanks to Splento for the amazing photographs.

Experiential budgets are diversifying - and there’s more to come in 2019

We've noticed a growing trend of diversification for experiential budgets. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is just one example. It used to be dominated by motor manufacturers’ activations. This year there was a wider range than ever of sponsors including hotels and tech companies. As with all good marketing it's really important to understand your audience and to go and engage with them where they are comfortable. This summer, Ford launched a new car model at a gaming event rather than a motor show. We think this trend is only likely to increase in 2019. We're seeing our clients and others using data to help them to decide how and where to spend their money to get the best results. We know our clients use the data we can provide them with to plan hourly staffing rotas, to tweak their stands from day-to-day and to make strategic decisions about where they spend their experiential marketing budgets.

Next year, we’re hoping to work with more and more brands and agencies who want to benchmark their physical marketing activities to get the best long term results.

We’re starting the year with an exciting trip to Las Vegas and CES; working with current clients, and talking to new ones. 

For more information about powering experiences through insight in 2019, please get in touch.

We wish you all a fantastic end to 2018 and a brilliant 2019.

Award-winning event technology

We were delighted to win not one but two awards at this year’s Event Tech Awards.  Having been shortlisted in the Best Event Analytics and Data Collection and Best Wireless Technology, we knew we’d got strong entries but didn’t expect to win them both.

Exposure Analytics Event Analytics & Data.jpg

They round off an amazing few months for us, during our first four years in business we helped clients to analyse the success of 1000 events. In the last six months we’ve worked on almost 1000 more. Our exhibition and event analytics information allows clients to see footfall past their stand or activation, engagement rates - how many people stopped for a closer look, popular routes around a stand or event, and how all of these figures change over the course of an hour, a day, or multiple days. When our Aperture facial detection system is deployed too, we can also give clients a demographic breakdown of who engaged with their activity.

We know that event professionals, marketers and agencies who use our event technology find the data and insights valuable to evaluate their work, and invaluable to help them plan for their future events and activities. They gain the best value from being able to compare events year on year or different locations for a similar activation or stand.

Exposure Analytics Wireless Tech.jpg

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Adam Parry and his Event Tech team, the new two day Event Tech Live was fantastic (albeit with slightly sore heads on day two after the award ceremony!). 

We also have to thank all of our clients for their support as we have grown our award-winning business. We love working in the events industry, find the data and analytics fascinating, and are lucky to work with some amazing people. We’ve recently had some fantastic feedback including:  

“We were able to use the data presented to us each morning during our pre-show staff briefing to show our team how the stand and staff performed the previous day. The data presented to us allowed us to make informed decisions on the stands performance and how we could improve both during the show and for the next show as well. We have used the service on several more shows gaining insights that were not available to us before.” Head of Events

“This software is relevant however often you do exhibitions and however large your stand is. It’s important as a marketing department to be able to demonstrate back to the business the return they are getting for their money.” Marketing Manager

“Using Exposure Analytics gives us insight into what we do; we’ve never really been able to get a true feel for numbers engaging with our clients’ stands before. We see it building in usefulness over time, we can start to design better. The more stands we have data for, the more we can learn. When it comes into its own is when we have comparative data, doing events year on year, or for a programme of events. It’s also great now and our clients are finding the data useful too.” Agency

For more information about what we do and how we can help you to evaluate events and take the guesswork out of delivering brilliant experiences please get in touch.

You can find out more about our award entries and why we were shortlisted in this article.

Event Tech Live 2018

This year’s Event Tech Live is nearly here and we can’t wait!  It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the latest developments in event technology and as usual we’ll be there too, showcasing our event analytics technology. 

We’ll be on Stand 12 near the Expo and Engage Stage. We’ve had a new stand designed this year and we’re looking forward to seeing what a difference it makes. 

If you’re coming along then please do say hello to our team. You might also like to catch Rob Murdoch on the Brand and Buzz stage. He’s speaking at 12 noon on the Wednesday with Dawn Farrow, CEO of Boom and Robin Carlisle, Chairman of Mobile Promotions.  They’ll be talking about how to measure the success of your event.

speakers ETL .jpeg

The event promises to be even bigger and better than previous years as it now takes place over two days. In between are the Event Tech Awards, and we’ve got our fingers crossed as we’ve been shortlisted in two categories

If you can’t make it along, then Rob has talked through measuring the success of your event in this podcast.

If you haven’t signed up yet then go to https://www.eventtechlive.com/ to make sure you can attend. 

Shortlisted for Best Event Analytics and Data Collection

We’re really looking forward to the Event Tech Awards on November 7th, we’re delighted to have been shortlisted for two awards for our event analytics technology as well as being candidates for the People’s Choice award.  It’s amazing to think that when we wrote our entries six months ago we were approaching our 1000th event and have been so busy since then that we are now coming up to our 2000th event. 

Our award entries for Best Event Analytics and Data Collection and Best Wireless Technology were based on our work with a client who had been looking for a service to help them to evaluate their attendance and spend on shows and exhibitions. They had been looking for a solution like ours but had not been successful until hearing our Commercial Director, Rob Murdoch speak at an event. 

Our client’s main objectives were to find out exactly how visitors interacted with their stand, how they moved around it, how long they spent there, the demographics of the visitors and how well their staff performed on the stand. At previous shows the information they had was anecdotal and they wanted first hand data they could act on. 

We deployed 12 sensors and 2 Aperture camera systems in key locations to capture relevant data. During each morning pre-show briefing our data was presented to staff on the stand to highlight successes and areas that needed more attention. Using our heatmap and flow statistics staff could see the hotspots and the movement of visitors on the stand. Under performing areas were highlighted and acted on to gain improvements during the course of the show. 

flowchart icon.png

Our client had long suspected that visitors were not interested in seeing one particular part of their stand, our data proved this to them and they’re now considering not installing that part and in doing so saving a considerable amount of money and space on their stand. 

Our data showed that over 60% of the show visitors attended our client’s stand and over half of those stayed for longer than 30 minutes. With our Aperture system we could show that 55% of visitors were male, 45% were female and 60% were aged between 30 and 45. 

Going forwards our client will use our event analytics data to improve their stand layouts and will begin bench marking and comparing all their global events. This will allow them to maximise their attendance at these events and make the best use of their budget.  They explained:

We were able to use the data presented to us each morning during our pre-show staff briefing to show our team how the stand and staff performed the previous day. The data presented to us allowed us to make informed decisions on the stands performance and how we could improve both during the show and for the next show as well. We have used the service on several more shows gaining insights that were not available to us before.

Exposure Analytics is the first platform of its kind to deliver sophisticated footfall analytics to the events industry. Analysis of the data we capture tells our clients the following:

• average visit time 

• most popular areas overall and hour by hour

• most popular routes around an event, stand or exhibition

• effectiveness of stands at converting passing traffic to engaged visitors

Our smart sensors each cover an area of approximately 2,500 sq ft and detect the WiFi signals

broadcast by all smart devices. Our new Aperture facial detection system has the ability to determine the age bracket, gender and sentiment of stand visitors – adding a new level of insight to our clients.

Smart sensors can run on built-in battery packs for up to 10 hours or by Ethernet for events where it is convenient and cost effective to install cables. This reduces the cost for event organisers who may be charged per number of wall sockets. Sensors can communicate to each other and the Internet via a self-healing mesh network, Ethernet or in house WiFi.

The raw data gathered and encrypted by the sensors is then sent to our advanced cloud platform for analysis which then builds a picture of visitor movements.

We run many large events on 3G/4G mobile networks as the amount of data transmitted is relatively low. A cabled internet connection is not necessary. 

We love working with clients at festivals, conferences, motor shows, events, shopping centres and other activations - indoors and out. Let us help you to take the guess work out of delivering and evaluating brilliant events with our digital event analytics.  Please get in touch to find out more.

Can you trust organisers' attendance figures?

We’ve spotted a few recent news stories questioning attendance figures and it highlights a question many event professionals have.

Football clubs have been under scrutiny for the way they report attendances and whether they accurately reflect the number of people actually at a match. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45158878

Newham council said the average attendance at West Ham was 42,779 based on the 12 games it attended - which is 12,530 fans fewer than the club's season average figure of 55,309. The discrepancy comes because clubs tend to report the numbers of tickets sold, including all season ticket holders, rather than counting the actually people at a game.

Similarly with events and exhibitions, there are variations in the way organisers report attendance figures and ticket sales. Sponsors and stall-holders assess the cost of their involvement based on likely returns, which is linked to the number of people who see and engage with their activity - so accurate attendance figures are important.

However, we think that the real test is how many people had the chance to see your activity, what percentage of them stopped to find out more, and for how long. That’s where Exposure Analytics can help.

Our sensors provide exhibition analytics data and can tell you visitor numbers, how many passers-by you converted to engaged visitors, dwell time and engaged dwell time. We also produce heat maps and flow routes.

Our sensors provide exhibition analytics data and can tell you visitor numbers, how many passers-by you converted to engaged visitors, dwell time and engaged dwell time. We also produce heat maps and flow routes.

Our systems can give you detailed data on how many people you welcomed, how long they stayed, heat maps to show popular areas of your stand, and flow routes to show how they moved around. Our technology, based on monitoring WiFi beacons from people's smartphones (anonymously of course), gives you the data you need to make sure you are making the most of your marketing budget. We’ve had clients at well-attended events who have used our data to either improve their stand layout or make more informed decisions about which events to attend.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to take the guesswork out of delivering brilliant experiences by providing the data you need to really evaluate the impact of your event.