There are many things to consider when you are planning experiential marketing activity, and understanding your target audience and where they spend their time is so important.

We’re seeing a growing trend in experiential marketing activity that widens out the potential locations for brands to consider when they are planning their sponsorship, activations, and events.

Ford made history recently by launching a new car at a gaming show. They made their decision based on data about who attends gaming shows and how that fits with their brand. Long-term they will be able to assess what impact that had on the brand awareness and sales of the car.  Short-term they can look at media coverage and social media reactions. If they had some sort of evaluation tool such as our sensors in place, they would also know the footfall count around their exhibit, the percentage of visitors that stopped to have a closer look, and the average dwell time of those who stopped, and more.  Thus providing them a with a more comprehensive event analytics experience.

As we’ve written about before the Goodwood Festival of Speed has seen an increasingly diverse range of brands in attendance – and rightly so. It is no longer enough to expect your audience to come and find you, you need to find them and engage them.

But with the increasing choice of events and the growing spend on experiential marketing you need to be sure the money is being spent on the right things in the right place.

We work hard with our clients, using our event analytics solutions, to help them to compare the results of activity in multiple cities, different shopping centres, at events such as Car Fest North and Car Fest South, or each round of the British Superbikes Championship for example.

There’s no need to guess the impact of experiential marketing activity, we can help you to measure and get the results you want. Get in touch to find out how.