As more marketing $ are being invested by brands both large and small in ‘Experiential’ how are agencies answering questions about ROI?
Experiential is about taking the brand to the consumer in a physical sense, creating experiences that improve the emotional connections, turning consumers into fans and influencers. The power of recommendation in today’s crowded marketplace is at a huge premium.

Sophisticated tools and strategies have been employed to measure impact generally based around sharing on social media; the instagram photobooth, twitter hashtags, facebook checkins etc.

The tools available for measuring the digital world are widely adopted, all the major social platforms have built in analytics and 3rd party services like Topsy, Sprout, Hootsuite, Bufffer etc allow multi channel monitoring.

Those are really useful but what’s happening at the ‘Top of the Funnel”.

How many people saw your activation?

How many chose to physically engage?

Once you have that basic data your sophisticated digital analytics can take over, enabling the agency to build a complete picture from ‘first look’ to ‘final action & reach’.

Before deciding where to take your Experiential Activation you’ll consider the basic demographics and size of the audience in that location. This is data you’ll receive from the venue owner, be they a music festival or shopping destination. This data is very general, much like print and television.

You want more, you’ve grown to expect better. This high level data is frustratingly vague.

So how do you fill in that data gap?

Physical analytics.

Our own platform, Exposure Solo, listens for the anonymous WiFi beacons transmitted by every smartphone. This unique ID is then used to measure;

How many people saw our activation?

Exposure Solo - Experiential Analytics Exposure Solo – Experiential Analytics

How many people chose to engage?

Exposure Solo - Experiential Analytics (1) Exposure Solo – Experiential Analytics (1)

How long did they engage for?

Exposure Solo - Experiential Analytics (2) Exposure Solo – Experiential Analytics (2)

Top of the Funnel data is now concrete and reliable rather than vague and anecdotal.

Best of all this is completely frictionless, our experience shows that approx 70% of people have WiFi enabled on their smartphone in outdoor environments. Once you move indoors to areas that have free WiFi then it is nearer 85%. That’s a fantastic sample size, one which lends real impact to your overall analytics.

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