Have you been asked to quantify the performance of your experiential campaigns? Provide detailed audience metrics, conversion and ROI?

It’s no easy task and it gets harder all the time. Comparisons are inevitably drawn with the sophisticated tools for measuring digital campaigns, meanwhile, you’re stuck with footfall data from the venue that nobody believes and a vaguely accurate count of the hot dogs or cups of tea you gave away.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

— Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia

Exposure:EX is specifically designed to make your life easier and give you the concrete data you need. Here’s a few examples of how our existing clients are using Exposure to deliver detailed reports on their experiential campaigns.

Premium Fashion Label – Perfume launch.

An experiential campaign, touring major shopping destinations throughout the UK during May 2015.

The goal? To promote the product via a popup activation, reaching as many potential customers as possible.

How did we measure this with Exposure:EX?

An EX smart sensor with 3G connection was deployed centrally on the popup itself and configured to measure passing traffic within visual range. The event staff just have to ensure the sensor is turned on each day, everything else is fully automated.

The question…..’How many unique visitors saw the activation?’

The answer……16,497.

Furthermore we can see that the average length of time each visitor spent within visual range of the activation, the ‘dwell time’, is 3m 8s or 188 seconds.

Using these two pieces of data we can estimate total brand exposure during that day.

V x D = X

V = Visitors, D = Dwell, X = eXposure.

16,497 x 188 = 3,101,436 seconds or 861.5 Hours.

OK, so it’s unlikely that all of those visitors were looking at the activation the whole time but that’s still very useful in terms of defining value.

We also configured an ‘engaged zone’ which required a visitor to be within 3m of the sensor for longer than 60 seconds.

The Question……”How many unique visitors engaged with the activation?”

Answer……The report above shows 4048 visitors who were within 3m of the sensor for longer than 60 seconds and were classed as ‘engaged’.

Exposure also provides a report on conversion ratio. In any campaign this is a critical metric in terms of how the activation, it’s design, messaging and the brand ambassadors performed. Our clients are able to make changes to the activation and monitor how this affects performance. A tool all marketers need in order to refine their campaigns to gain maximum value.

The average conversion ratio for this day was 24.5%, an excellent performance, demonstrating to the client that all elements of the activation worked effectively to deliver on their goals.

Within 30 minutes of the activation closing all of these reports are available to authorised users via the Exposure web portal. This means you are able to deliver accurate, concrete data on campaign performance on a daily basis.

We also provide PDF download and access via API so you can import raw data into your own analytics & reporting platforms.

No more stress, no more hours spent estimating and extrapolating in a spreadsheet. More than that, Exposure:EX gives you the concrete data that allows you to refine and hone every aspect of your campaigns. Finally, you have the same tools as your digital counterparts.