Super Bowl – Multi-million Dollar Experiential Marketing

The Super Bowl is famous for more than sport, the half-time entertainment on and off the pitch is a huge part of the event, along with the ads aired during the game. With ad prices for this year’s Super Bowl hitting a record $5.6M per 30 second spot--some brands [...]

The Science of Experience: What’s your Party Factor?

Physical and, increasingly, digital interactive content is a key part of any experiential activation. Technology use has increased and numbers of engagements are a critical metric in measuring performance. Through analysis of the data provided by Exposure:EX we've discovered that, taken on their own, these numbers drastically underestimate the number [...]

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Experiential: What’s at the Top of the Funnel?

As more marketing $ are being invested by brands both large and small in 'Experiential' how are agencies answering questions about ROI?Experiential is about taking the brand to the consumer in a physical sense, creating experiences that improve the emotional connections, turning consumers into fans and influencers. The power of [...]

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