Are Exposure Analytics GDPR compliant?

At Exposure Analytics we take privacy seriously and ensure we comply with GDPR and The Data Protection Act 2018 regulations with regards to delivering our services. A statement from The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) says that if “If the data is anonymised and is unable to be re-identified it is [...]

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Do you charge for new features or upgrades?

No, we want all of our clients to benefit from our continuous development of Exposure Analytics. From the things that you don't see, like more efficient database operations, to the more visible aspects such as new reports and user interface improvements. We do charge for custom features and integrations with [...]

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How do you secure my data and the personal data of my customers?

We take the security of the Exposure Analytics platform very seriously, all data is protected using multiple layers of authentication. Access to the databases that store event and personal data are only accessible by the Exposure Analytics application and personnel who have the correct credentials and secured VPN access to [...]

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