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Digital analytics for physical events.

You know it was a great event, now you can prove it.



Exposure Event Analytics is the first platform of it’s kind to deliver sophisticated footfall analytics to the events industry. Advanced sensors detect visitors via the unique WiFi beacons transmitted by all smart devices. This raw data is then sent to our advanced cloud platform for analysis which then builds a picture of visitor movements answering questions like:


How long is the average visit time?

Overall visitor count is great but how long did the typical visit last?

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What areas are most popular overall and hour by hour?

Improve the effectiveness of your events by understanding what attracts visitors.

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What are the most popular routes around your event?

Exposure Flow maps all paths taken around the event delivering unrivalled insight.

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How effective was your stand at converting passing traffic to engaged visitors?

Measure, understand, refine.



Large Events Analytics

Delivering detailed insights on visitor movement & engagement for event organisers. Exposure Large Event analytics transforms a single event into an ongoing opportunity to learn how your visitors are behaving and interacting across your whole event.


Experiential Events Analytics

Providing brands and agencies with unrivalled insights, Exposure EXperiential analytics is designed for brand activations of any kind, with specific focus on monitoring footfall, conversion ratios and engagement data.

Our Clients

Since our first event in March 2014 we have provided event organisers, agencies and brands across the world with unrivalled insights into visitor engagement. Click any logo to discover more details.

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