Exposure Large Event Analytics

There are many challenges to putting on a large event and each year offers an opportunity to learn how your visitors, exhibitors and sponsors interact. Exposure Event Analytics records how people move around your entire event, this data can then be viewed and ‘replayed’ both during and after the show via our online portal. This makes each show an ongoing opportunity to learn rather than a once a year event.


Summary Reports

Summary reports give high level data on attendance, average length of visitor stay (dwell time) and mobile device breakdown.


Do you want to know the most popular routes around the show floor or festival site? Exposure Flow provides the answers, examine traffic flows by day and hour via the simple interface.


Exposure Heatmap delivers real time and historical analysis of the most popular areas. This allows you to easily monitor visitor distribution during the event and replay specific time frames at at any point in the future.


All of this data is gathered by our smart sensors, each one covering an area of approximately 2,500 sq ft (230 sq m). The raw data is then processed and analysed by the Exposure platform providing you with easy to understand visual reports. Sensors can therefore be deployed in strategic areas such as conference theatres and networking areas allowing you to examine and compare performance across the whole event.

How Do We Do It?

Our smart sensors detect the WiFi beacons broadcast by all smart devices and with the majority of visitors carrying a smartphone our sample sizes are very high. Our current data  for outdoor events shows that 60 to 75% of visitors leave their WiFi enabled. When it comes to indoor events we see 80 to 100% of visitors, provision of free WiFi in the venue has a significant impact on this metric.



Not always, our sensors can run on built in battery packs for up to 24 hours. This is a big cost saving for exhibition halls where you are charged for every power socket. They can also be powered by Ethernet for events where it is convenient and cost effective to install cables.


One cabled Internet connection is a nice to have but we run many large events on 3g/4g mobile networks as the amount of data transmitted is relatively low.


Nice to have but again, not necessary. Our sensors can communicate to each other and the Internet via a self healing mesh network, Ethernet or in house WiFi.

We have over 8 years experience of delivering complex technical solutions for music festivals, conferences, exhibitions and sponsor activations around the world. This unrivalled depth of knowledge drives our desire for speed, flexibility and quality. Load in, calibration and testing for a large event can be completed in a single day, load out in a matter of hours.

Other solutions exist that offer similar data but all require your visitors to download an app, leave it running and accept complicated permissions which results in very small sample sizes.

This ‘friction’ is totally avoided by Exposure Event Analytics. Your visitors are free to focus on getting the most value from your event while you gather data that helps you make their experience even better.

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